September 2013

The Longest Workout Ever

I think yesterday’s workout was literally my longest workout ever, save for a 100-mile bike ride and one of my marathons. Crazy, right? Coach Marni wanted me to complete a 3000 yard swim (that’s about 1.7 miles), a 40-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run by the end of the month.  I circled Sunday on [...]


Our Handy Dandy Griddler

It’s chilly out there this morning, but yesterday evening, it was warm enough for one last round of “HOSE!” on the deck.  I think this might’ve been our last hurrah. We’ve gotten more use out of our newborn bathtub as a toy than as an actual tub! While Henry was splashing, I was grilling. Like [...]


Oh, My Aching Crotch: Saddle Sores

Two posts! One day! *throws computer-shaped confetti in the air* I somehow managed to talk the ol’ nether region a lot.  And before I write every such post, I think, “There is no way that people are going to care about this.”  But I’m proven wrong every single time.  See this post, this post, this [...]



Good morning. It’s rainy and cool this morning. It feels like the world is in transition, you know? I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions lately. You see, we are going through several big transitions.  The first was that I finally got Henry to give up the bottles and switch entirely to cups.  I am [...]


Henry Eats + Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been trying to take pictures of Henry meals because a few readers have requested some toddler eats ideas. But it appears that Henry is in a rut because most of his plate feature beets, watermelon, and cheese.   Here are a few more exciting meals: Eggs with spinach (gotta get in those greens – [...]


Gluten-Free and Me

I think some readers would be surprised to realize that I’m gluten-free.  Every now and then, I’ll reply to a comment about my favorite gluten-free foods, and a few people will chime in with, “You’re gluten-free?! Since when?”  I’ve been gluten-free for about two and a half years.   I don’t have Celiac disease. A [...]

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Last Week’s Workouts

Working at yesterday Ramblin’ Rose got me REALLY excited for my race (I run our Facebook page – like us if you’d like some workout inspiration, even if you’re not in North Carolina)! It was the fifth of six events. Our final event is in Chapel Hill at the beginning of October, and it’s already [...]


I’m In Love

Is it possible to fall in love with two wheels and a carbon frame? If so, then I am SMITTEN. When Coach Marni heard that I was planning to train and race on my old, beat-up Giant, she said, “You really, really need to think about getting a new bike.” At first, I kind of [...]


Life On {Instagram}

After writing over 4,500 posts in five years, I’ve suddenly encountered something weird: I feel like I have nothing to say. I’ve experienced writer’s block before, but it’s usually about articles or books – not the blog. Recently, I realized my problem – Instagram!  I love Instagraming, but sometimes I feel like I’m saying the [...]


Last Week’s Workouts + What We’re Reading Now

Good morning! How’s it going? Things are great – but busy – over here. Over the past two weeks, I’ve had a lot going on, and I kind of feel like a headless chicken, running around frantically to get it all done.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in writing deadlines, which is a good [...]


This is one of those “do I say, not as I do” posts because I sure make these swimming mistakes, too! But I’m trying hard to completely nix them from my time in the pool.  Because these errors can cost you time, effort, and sanity during the swim leg of the triathlon.   Mistake #1: [...]


Things We’re Loving Lately

Operation Beautiful!  When do I not love Operation Beautiful? Henry’s ball pit.  I made this when he was about 7 months old (I think?) by buying balls at a consignment shop (you can get them on Amazon, too) and filling up our pack and play. I have to say… this is the toy that has [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

Last week was a workout week that I’d rather forget about. I totally fell off the wagon. Well, not completely, but even by my non-Half Ironman training standards, my volume was ridiculously low. Monday: Off (sick) Tuesday: 1000-ish yards of swimming Wednesday: Off (traveling) Thursday: 3 mile run, 1000-ish yards of swimming Friday: Off (visiting [...]


It’s that time of the year again! Tailgate time! We drove all the way to Miami (that’s 729 looong but totally worth it miles) for the University of Miami v. University of Florida game. Now, if you’re not a football fan, you may not understand how big this game was to the fans… but the [...]

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