November 2014

‘Black Friday’ Find and The Four Survey

I bet you were hoping for a baby photo. So was I!  Hah.  Will you be satisfied with a breakfast photo?   Yeah… Me neither. Regardless, we are having a fabulous Friday over here. I love how quiet the day after Thanksgiving is!  We’ve been lounging around, eating our weight in Rice Krispy Treats, and [...]


Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the biggest foodie day of the year, but this is the only thing that I’ve made… My friend Brandi is going through an intense Rice Krispy Treat obsession, and her constant texts about the gooey treats finally got to me.  I had so much fun making (and eating) these!  The secret to amazing RKTs [...]


Little One: 39 Weeks + 1 Day

This is an exciting update for me to write – the last weekly update I wrote with Henry was my 39 week one (the due date is set at 40 weeks).  I went into labor with him at 39 weeks and 5 days and delivered the next day. Last time around, my water broke about [...]


This post is sponsored by SABRE. The days are pretty short this time of the year, huh? If you’re like me and love to exercise outside, that means you’re probably running in the dark – at least half the time. Daylight isn’t a guarantee of personal safety, but running at dawn or dusk can make [...]


Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tofu

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week and have a fabulous weekend planned.  I had an amazing week – after too many weeks packed with travel or projects or sickness, the last five days were very calm and fun.  I got a few assignments done, but I tried to focus more on spending [...]


Swimming Makes me Sleepy + Awesome GF Cookies

I may be done with workouts for this pregnancy… First of all, the strap on my goggles broke!  I was super sad because I’ve had these goggles for five years or so – I’ve worn them for every single triathlon that I’ve ever done. I think I can just buy a replacement strap – but [...]


This giveaway is sponsored by I am super excited to present this amazing giveaway.  Minted is a website that sells cards, stationary, invitations, home décor, and other creative art.  Just check out the fun way they find designers…   Minted crowd-sources design and art from a global community of independent designers, then sell their [...]


What can Vegetarians Cook in a Crockpot?

Good question!  Here’s a round-up of my favorite recipes and recipes that I’m dying to try.  Half of the time, these vegetarian crockpot recipes COULD be made in the oven or stovetop (just like all meat-based crockpot recipes, I guess!), but I love the crockpot because 1) it’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of the thing and [...]


Day in the Life: Peaceful SUnday

While I usually document Day in the Life posts on weekdays, I thought it would be fun to show a lazy Sunday… I know I won’t have the luxury of lazy Sundays for a while very soon!  It’s funny – when I was about to pop with Henry, Kristien and I went nuts doing as [...]


Friday Brain Dump

This made me LOL because it is so very, very true. I *love* this simple idea for holiday shopping for kids.  It’s called WANT, NEED, READ, WEAR and it’s designed to stop the crush of presents under the tree (both from parents and well-meaning relatives like).  It’s a good way to organize your personal wish [...]


What’s Going On

I’m at this weird point in my life where I am simultaneously in countdown mode while begging time to move slower. I remember this happening towards the end of my pregnancy with Henry, too – you’re looking forward to meeting your baby but the upcoming changes make you feel so anxious.    I’m a tad [...]


winter Blend Spice Mix for Coffee

I feel sort of funny posting this recipe because we’ve had a few amazing days of warm weather!  I actually wore a short-sleeved shirt and sandals to the park yesterday – glorious.  You see, I love everything about winter except the cold temps.  Hah. Speaking of being chilly, Maggie is back to wearing her housecoat [...]


It seems that quite a few of you want me to bring back the “debates” – so here you go!  I love to hear your thoughts on those light topics that everyone gets really riled up about… know what I mean?  Like whether it’s okay to toss dog poop bags in other people’s trash cans [...]


Little One: 37 Weeks

Time for another pregnancy brain dump!   Physically, I am…   …Meh.  I came down with a really bad ear, nose, and throat infection over the weekend (I have a double ear infection!).  A terrible cold + being 9 months pregnant is kind of the ultimate EFF YOU to my body.  I’m on antibiotics to [...]

Healthy Tipping Point