Responsible Spending Challenge

If I could give new parents one piece of advice, it would be this: shop consignment!  You will save a ridiculous amount of money by buying clothes, gear, and toys used. I have bought most of Henry’s clothes and toys on consignment and saved hundreds of dollars in the process. I bought a lot of [...]


The Takeout Trap

This morning, I had to decided between this: And this: Guess which one I chose?  If you guessed bills, you’re right.  :)  I think my legs need a rest day, anyway.   For the rest of February, I’m trying really hard to eat all my meals in (with the exception of travel meals + my [...]


Spending the day watching football in Clemson was so much fun – and it was even better because the Hurricanes won.  :)  The town of Clemson was so alive and welcoming today – I loved it! Even though I didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 AM or so, my alarm was blaring at 7:15 (the [...]


Put This Budget to the Test

Tonight was THE chance for the Husband and I to put our new budget skills to the test. Budgeting is hard.  :(   We walked to an Italian restaurant called Vivace for our weekly “date night,” for which we have set aside $40 each week. We were mostly drawn to this restaurant for it’s wonderful [...]


Create New Habits

Well, it’s nice to hear that 1) I’m not alone in being a budgeting disaster and 2) others have overcome the same issue and become money mavens.  That gives me hope! And… I’m happy to report that the Husband and I aren’t starting from scratch.    We learned a lot over the years, and a [...]


Money In, Money Out

I had a financial epiphany today. Due to the tax man taking all our money, we were forced to talk a long, hard look at our spending over the last few months.  Realization:  we spend WAY more money than we make.  Um, duh.  Like a lightening bolt, it hit me.  If I want to do [...]


What We Buy at Costco

The Husband got to go to his favorite place in the entire world today…. Yes, Costco.  He is obsessed with Costco.  Something about healthy food in bulk makes my man very, very happy. Normally we go to Costco once a month to stock up on dry goods and vegetarian faux meat staples.  This shopping trip [...]


Memorial Oatmeal

I woke up this morning to a sad, sad sight: Bella my beta fish died last night.  :(  I had a good cry in the kitchen, which was kind of unexpected.  I know she’s ‘just a fish,’ but I would talk to her and play tag with her (through the bowl… she liked it).    [...]


No Run and Giveaway Fun

Afternoon!  I had glorious plans to go on a 6.0 mile run this morning.  In preparation, I fueled up with a Glo Bar: (I figured I’d at least take an interesting picture of said Glo bar since I’ve eaten one a day for the last week or so.)   I got dressed, found my iPod [...]



If French bread is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Curses to every trendy diet that made me afraid of white bread.  So glad I kicked that completely irrational food issue to the curb.   I’m not suggested you eat it every day (nutritionally, whole wheat is superior), but DANG – fluffy white bread is [...]


Supermarket vs. Big Box

Good afternoon! :)    I just dug into the most scrumptious lunch: I had two blue corn tacos stuffed with kidney beans, cheese, and sprouts.  Held in place with shot glasses!  :) Plus, Stacy’s chips and salsa.  I have a salsa problem. And a Clementine: I can’t even tell you the last time I ate [...]


Free Money!

Good afternoon!  The Husband and I went on an excellent run this morning.  He starts off slow, but he ends up being SO fast!  He was bookin’ it by the end, and I struggled to keep up.  My legs still feel a little tight from Sunday’s 20 miler.   Here are our statistics:   Distance: [...]


Starbucks or a Baby? Hmm.

The Husband declared this “the best sandwich ever”: He is so easy to please – it’s just a grilled cheese with an apple! :)   I had a shot of wheatgrass, the other 1/4 of the apple, and a chocolate orange slice on the side:  :) Mmm!   Other snacks of the afternoon included more [...]


My name is Caitlin, and I have a spending problem.  :(  Welcome to Day 1 of the Responsible Spending Challenge.  This challenge was inspired by a little conversation that took place last night:   Husband: “Caitlin, can you look at this?” (Points to computer screen) Me: “Uhh, what is that? Our bank account? Wow, that [...]

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