February 2012

BabyHTP: 25 Weeks

One of the strangest aspects of pregnancy has been how much my body has changed but how little I notice the different on a day-to-day basis.  I guess the growth happens so slowly that I haven’t really noticed it… until I look at the belly shots, of course.    Whoa, momma!  Week 25, and I [...]


Airport Fare

Back to Charlotte – but just for the night.  And then I’m off to the University of Delaware!  And then, I’ll return home for another night and leave for Miami.  Whew.  My grand plan is to simply dump the contents of my suitcase directly into my washing machine every time I come home and re-wear [...]


Breakfast at the Hamilton House

How about a little romance with breakfast? I usually get stuck at run-of-the-mill highway chain hotels during speaking events, but last night, the University of Wisconsin put me up at a lovely eight-room bed and breakfast in Whitewater called the Hamilton House.   I felt like I was staying at a friend’s house – I [...]


The Most Amazing Dining Hall Ever

BabyHTP likes to give Operation Beautiful presentations.  She/he started to kick up a storm right before I walked up on stage (okay, this is probably due to the effects of my adrenaline, not an unborn love of public speaking). Today’s events at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater went really well!  I spoke to over 500 [...]


Who Loves to Read?!

A massive flight delay later, I am finally in Wisconsin.  As predicted, it is COLD and there’s snow on the ground.  And there are cheese hats everywhere.   Here’s something fun: a MASSIVE book giveaway!    As you may know, my second book is coming out this May.  It’s entitled Healthy Tipping Point:  A Program [...]



Goodbye, Charlotte.  Hello, Wisconsin. I have a feeling it’s not quite springtime in Wisconsin….   I’m headed to University of Wisconsin Whitewater today for an Operation Beautiful presentation (if you’re in the area and want to know the deets, hit up Jill at mallinj@uww.edu).  I’ve packed my winter coat – I think I’m going to [...]


Soup It Up

Tonight, we began our baby class (the Bradley Method – more on the classes later).  Time between work and class was rather tight, so dinner had to be fast and easy.    This calls for soup! Soup is the ultimate way to spice up a basic dinner of rice and beans.  Just crack open a [...]


Lights, Camera, Naked

Happy Monday, friends.  It’s a happy Monday if we say it is, right? Today has been go-go-go.  I slammed through a little writing project, argued with my car insurance company about a rate increase (boo), did some work at the clinic, and drove to not one but two TV studios to do The Naked Face [...]


Creating a Walking Habit

I first figured out that walking was a really effective exercise when I walked the More/Fitness Half Marathon in Central Park.  I was coming back from an injury and didn’t have the endurance to run the race, so I opted to walk 13.1 miles, thinking it would be ‘easy.’  Hah!  I ended up with swollen [...]


The Best Pandora Station

Do you listen to Pandora?  I love Pandora!  I used to be really into Pandora One, the desktop Pandora app that costs about $3 a month (and allows you to listen commercial-free), but I recently switched back to regular Pandora radio.  Even with the commercials, it’s my favorite way to listen to music.   If [...]


Spinach and Goat Cheese Cornbread Quiche

It’s a quiet morning.  MomHTP and the Husband are still sleeping soundly.  On the other hand, Maggie crawled to the top of the bed and sat on my face at 7:00 AM (nothing like waking up to dachshund butt), so I was up with the sunrise.  I snuck into the kitchen and made this delicious [...]


Whoa, Baby

MomHTP apparently came to Charlotte to visit the Husband and me, but I think she had one thing on her mind:  that baby bump.   I’m an only child (holler if you’re an only child!), so this is my mother’s first grandbaby, and she is very excited.  She wanted to do a ‘day of baby,’ [...]


5 Second Shred

Not to be confused with my review of the 30-Day Shred.   When MomHTP comes to visit, she comes bearing gifts.  Too bad their faces get eaten almost immediately. The only thing James loves more than soft toys is shredding soft toys.  My mom brings over 50-cent stuffed animals from Goodwill, and he gets to [...]


The Naked Face Project, Week 4

My thoughts as I near the halfway point of the Project. New to this series?  Please check out The Naked Face Project website and my introduction to TNFP to get a complete understanding of the intention behind the Project.    I can’t believe I’m already writing my fourth post for The Naked Face Project.  Honestly, [...]

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