June 2011

Tri Stickers

I had a really great swim today – 1,000 meters, done and done. One of my favorite things to do in the swim center parking lot is play “spot the racers.”  So many 13.1 (half marathon), 26.2 (marathon), 70.3 (half ironman), 140.6 (ironman) stickers in the lot.         I’ve got a marathon sticker on [...]


The Husband and I have been slowly switching over our beauty products and cleaning products to more natural alternatives.  Swapping everything out at once would be really expensive!  When we run out of one product, we simply head to the store and buy a new, natural replacement.     Here are 12 ingredients worth avoiding and [...]


Ticked Off

Good morning!  Yesterday, I pulled a giant tick off James.  How gross is that?  I nearly vomited while I yanked it off him.  We have a vet appointment next week to make sure he’s okay.  In the meantime, I’ve rubbing the wound with some oregano oil from our clinic; if you’re looking for a natural [...]


No Sleeves

Oh, I forgot to mention something awesome about my epic run with Pat Farmer! I didn’t wear knee sleeves!    Normally, I always wear knee sleeves to compensate for my poor biomechanics –the outside of my quads are stronger than the inside, so my patella is jacked out of place when I run, which causes [...]


The Pole to Pole Run

Imagine running at least two marathons a day - every day – for almost a year.  No rest days!  Imagine running over 13,000 miles through 14 countries.  Imagine running from the North Pole to the South Pole, all in a quest to raise $100 million for the Red Cross. You’d develop some pretty rockin’ calves! [...]


Word Vomit

The Husband borrowed my camera’s memory stick to tape his golf swing, so I’m stuck without any fun photos.  Hence, a complete word vomit post.   Random Thought #1:  Last night, I was laying in bed and had a genius idea:  race medals make excellent Christmas tree ornaments!  Wouldn’t that be fun?  I keep my [...]


Shut Up and Swim

It has been a real struggle to exercise lately.  Not only have I been struggling with motivation (remember the sloth v. honey badger post?), but I’ve also had trouble simply finding the TIME to workout.   I’ve been juggling working at the clinic, writing a book, writing two blogs, and closing on the house (which [...]


Upside Down Pineapple Cake Oatmeal

Oh yeah. This recipe is actually an oldie but goodie, back when Healthy Tipping Point was named See Bride Run (most short-sighted blog name, ever – I got married six months after starting my blog!).    Fried pineapple in the morning – what’s not to love? Ingredients (for one serving):   1/2 cup old fashioned [...]


Keepin’ It Simple

Sometimes the simplest eats are the tastiest.  Today was a busy day for me – lots and lots of writing.  And yet I seemed to get nowhere!  I hate days like that, but I know that even when it appears that I’m just spinning my wheels, I’m actually getting somewhere.  Slowly.    So – a [...]


Prepping Quinoa

Quinoa is my favorite ‘grain’ ever.  I say ‘grain’ because it’s not actually a grain at all – it’s a seed! Other fun facts about quinoa:  it’s rich in amino acids, it’s a relative of spinach and Swiss chard, and 1/4 cup of uncooked quinoa contains loads of manganese, magnesium, and iron.   Quinoa is [...]


Race Etiquette: The Water Station

Whew.  After a whirlwind weekend of emotions (wedding on Saturday; head-shaving party on Sunday), I am so relieved that it’s Monday.  Even if we are pulling a 14-hour day at the clinic.  I’ll take it!   Dinner last night was so stand-out; I simply must share! A Although the baked tofu and steamed greens were [...]


If You’re Going Through Hell

Keep on going. There is one thing I’ve learned about life:  attitude is everything.  This is not just a corny little slogan or a platitude.  Your attitude makes or breaks you.  It defines you.    Everyone is struggling with something. No one’s life is perfect or peachy keen.  We cannot control what happens to us; [...]


Sunday Chores

I think there are two types of ‘neat’ people:   Neat people who are always neat.  They pick up after themselves, tidy as they go, and do cr-azy things like wash dishes before going to bed (okay, I’m just jealous).   Neat people who like the idea of being neat but lack the ability to [...]


Ashley + Richard at Eyes of Blue Farm

What a wonderfully unique and beautiful wedding! The Husband and I headed out to Weaverville, North Carolina to attend Healthy Ashley and Richard’s wedding at Eyes of Blue Farm.  I’ve known Ashley since I lived in Orlando, and it was so special to watch Ashley wed her dream man.  Richard and Ashley were high school [...]

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