June 2012

Entertainment Found

We finally found a fun outdoor activity for all of us – the Husband, Henry, and I – to enjoy without melting.  Well, the Husband may have slowly melted.  But Henry and I were fine. We went to the driving range bright and early; Kristien hit a bucket of balls while Henry and I sat [...]


Grilled Goodness

I’m just trying to plow through work today – what about you? We don’t have any big weekend plans but I’m so pumped that it’s Friday.  I’ve definitely got one eye on my work and the other one the clock.  Come on, 5:00!   Lunch: Grilled goat cheese sandwich > grilled cheddar.  Word up. With [...]


Race the Clock

My goal was to go on a longer walk this morning, but I was up against two major time crunches:  the sun and Hungry, Hungry Henry.   As mentioned numerous times, we’re in the middle of a pretty intense heat wave.  If we don’t go on our walk by 9 AM, it’s far too hot [...]


Heat Wave

Oh my.  Summer is upon us. The only ones who don’t seem to mind the intense heat wave are the dogs.  Would you want to sit out on the deck in 95 degree weather in direct sunlight while wearing heavy black fur coat?  Crazy dogs. Fun fact:  Humans have sweat glands over most of their [...]


Early Bird Risks the Cash

Are you willing to do early bird registration for races?  Or do you wait until the last moment to sign up? I was thinking about this last night; I have no intention of actually signing up for my (hopeful) September and October triathlons until I’m very deep into training and 100% sure I can safely [...]


Quiet Breakfast

I really wanted to make banana soft serve for breakfast (err, yes, ice cream-like food for breakfast…) but the Husband was on Daddy Duty from 4 AM to 8 AM, and I figured it wouldn’t quite be fair to throw on the food processor.    Perhaps we can do banana soft serve for lunch?  In [...]


Outside While It Lasts

Excuse me while I dust my shoulders off.  I walked for 25 minutes this morning.  TWENTY FIVE MINUTES.  That’s a long time for this fifteen-days-post-partum lady.  It made me feel quite accomplished – maybe I can work up to 30 minutes soon.   Another accomplishment?  I showered, cleaned the kitchen, and made dinner.  I positively [...]


Reader Q&A: Preventing Injuries

Anonymous asked, “I’ve been reading your blog for a few years and remember that, especially at first, you were always suffering from some running-related injury.  First it was your knees, then a spot on your shin.  I remember you once had to take a three-month running hiatus due to the pain!  More recently, it seems [...]


Leftover Remix

We had a playful morning in the Boyle household. Maggie won.  She always wins!  But she tends to fight dirty (case in point).    Henry supervised.  I can’t wait until he can really watch the dogs play with each other and laugh at them.  So, when our friends Sara and Kevin brought over all the [...]



My day was completely turned around by a visit from my friend Jen and her son Wyatt.  Last night was rather rough with Henry.  Quite honestly, I spent part of the morning doing the ‘new mom sob,’ which is when you cry while nursing because you’re so exhausted (not to freak out any future parents, [...]


Two Weeks of Henry

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since I went into labor and delivered Henry.  It feels like a lifetime has passed – but at the same time, it still feels so new. My favorite photo of Henry from the last two weeks – taken in the hospital.   After two weeks, I can [...]


How to Tame a Sweet Tooth?

Today was my first day properly back at work since giving birth.  The Husband and I decided a while back that we’d both drop to 75% employment (or, err, try to squeeze in 100% of work in 25% less time…) and function as stay-at-home mommy or daddy on alternating days.  I work from home on [...]


The Fitteratis (Plus, Plug Your Blog)

Open up the July/August issue of Fitness magazine, flip to page 26, and who will you see? Why, little old me!  I recently won the Editor’s Pick for Best Healthy Living Blog in the magazine’s first-ever Fitterati blog awards.  I’m so thankful for everyone who voted (nearly 19,000 votes were cast!) and feel very honored [...]



We realized last night that we should begin to settle into a predictable routine with Henry.  There are many different schools of thought on putting babies on ‘schedules.’  Henry is far too young for a clock-driven schedule, but I know he’d probably benefit from some sort of routine.  The first few weeks with a newborn [...]

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