August 2010

Pumpkin Seeker

I have been stalking the supermarket for the return of Libby’s pumpkin (it’s seasonal).  But nothing yet!  Labor Day is around the corner! Summer is OVER!  Where is the pumpkin!? Organic pumpkin is not the same as the Libby’s brand, unfortunately.   Is pumpkin available where you live yet?  Last December, I bought a case [...]


Outside Eggplant

Did you know today is National Eat Outside Day?  I’m a huge fan out eating outside… or just not in front of my TV or my computer. :)   We celebrated by eating lunch on the patio.  It was HOT. Lunch was a yummy summer salad featuring one of my favorite things:  breaded eggplant!   [...]


It’s Go Time

T-minus four days to the Freedom 5K.  I’ve been working hard all summer to set a new personal record at this race, and I’m PUMPED! For the last 2+ months, I’ve been doing one long run, speedwork run, tempo run, and easy run per week and averaging 18 – 25 miles per week.  I haven’t [...]


Dear Fellow Small Business Owners

Please tell me that launching a business is the hardest part.  That the endless amount of bureaucratic paperwork, legal wrangling, shelling out of personal cash, logistical nightmares, setbacks, and frustrations will end soon.  That my Husband can start doing what he went to medical school for three years to do.  That he can actually treat [...]


Monday, Monday

Afternoon! Wanna know my favorite way to recover from a very long run? WALK!  Sitting on the couch is oh-so-tempting, but getting out there and moving my legs has proven to be the best remedy for post-run aches.  I took a break this morning to walk James and then walk to the store.  It felt [...]


Strawberry Fields Breakfast Quinoa

Catching up on weekend posts? New recipe!  No-cheese Salsa Verde Enchiladas New recipe! Braised Cabbage Pasta And I ran a 15-mile long run  :)   Good morning!  How goes it on this lovely Monday?   I thought I’d start things off right with a lovely breakfast.  What makes this dish really sing?  The play of [...]


Braised Cabbage Pasta

Every now and then, I come across a cooking term like “braise” and realize I’m not really sure what it means.  Thank goodness for Google! I am a huge fan of drier pasta dishes like this Braised Cabbage Pasta; this was a little too dry for the Husband’s taste.  I’d be more than willing to [...]


Friendly Fifteen

Previous marathon training long runs: 8.0 is better together 10.0 for the win 11.0 miles: Attempt #2 Half Marathon Thursday   I had a FABULOUS 15.0-mile training run this morning!  Mileage is ALWAYS better with friends.   Alright – so clearly, Maggie wasn’t involved in the training run, but Jen and Emily sure helped me [...]


One Busy Saturday

What a day, what a day.  I love busy Saturdays.   Post-run, I headed to Emily’s house for a brunch with other bloggers. Emily and her husband Casey are moving to Washington DC (very sad).  One last get together was definitely necessary!   The treats included baked chickpeas and banana bread. Scones and fruit: Breakfast [...]


Someone Needs New Running Gear…

And that someone is me. I feel like a hot mess whenever I put on my running gear.  My knee sleeves are totally shot – they are fraying at the top of the patella hole and the plastic tube that supports the inferior part of the knee is popping out of the neoprene.  I typically [...]


No-Cheese Salsa Verde Enchiladas

I was in the mood for Mexican tonight, but Mexican in my house is a little tricky with a no-cheese Husband.  So I made these lovely Salsa Verde Enchiladas. No-Cheese Salsa Verde  Enchiladas (for 6 enchiladas):   Ingredients:   1 can dark red kidney beans, drained and rinsed 2 ears of corn 1 cup portabella [...]


One Long Ride

I spent the morning hanging out in the Charlotte Today green room.  :)  And then I did a quick, 5-minute spot about the Operation Beautiful book.  It was a lot of fun!  TV doesn’t make me nervous anymore.  I just pretend like no one is watching. Here’s the video! In the green room, I met [...]


Achieve the Impossible

If asked to rank my favorite Greek yogurt, they would be:  Trader Joe’s, Oikos, Fage, and Chobani.  TJ’s wins on creaminess and value.  Just wish it was organic like Oikos! With 1/2 cup raw oatmeal and a banana:   Achieve the “Impossible”   After a week of personal reflection, I wanted to answer one of [...]


Twice in a Week!

Remember how the Husband fried my laptop by pouring coffee down the front on Monday and I vowed not to freak out?  I wrote, “I would be more upset if I didn’t constantly back-up my laptop AND if I didn’t have a netbook to blog on.  I try not to sweat it when stuff like [...]

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