Great Smokey Mountains Trip


It’s our last morning in our little cabin and, I have to admit, I’m pretty sad to leave.  It was the perfect escape, and we both feel refreshed and renewed.   Since so many people asked, the cabin we stayed at was with Legacy Mountain Resort.  We specifically stayed in the Imagine cabin.  I loved [...]


The Bear Says Rawr!

Our big activity of the day was driving to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a very long 6.6 mile hike up a mountain! It was a very challenging climb and the back of my legs are absolutely killing me now!   I  played the good old “Rock Monster” trick on the Husband.  You [...]


Daybreak at the Cabin

Definitely worth getting up early for: I slept like a rock, feeling the calmest and happiest that I’ve felt in… months? Sweet relief, this vacation to the Mountains is exactly what I needed in my life.   While the Husband would rather maximize his vacation by sleeping in, I would rather wake up early and [...]


No Words


Healthy Tipping Point