Day in the Life

Day in the Life

A day in the life of a momma, part-time worker, and triathlete.  Henry is 11 months old! 5:30 AM – Henry wakes up.  I can hear him on the monitor.  I check my phone and realize that it is way, way too early for him to be up.  I give him five more minutes, and [...]


2:00 AM – I hear Henry crying on the monitor.  We follow a sleep training plan pretty religiously, but I can tell the difference between “wah, wah, I’m awake and shouldn’t be” and “Mommmma! I need you!”  It’s a “I need you” wail, so I go upstairs, change him, give him a bottle, and we [...]


Day in the Life – Part III

And we’re in the homestretch!  Part I and Part II leads us to…   2:30 PM – Another pump session.  Henry eats a bottle and gets a diaper change.  Sensing a theme here?!   3:05 PM – I attend a conference call and simultaneously make funny faces at Henry, who is practicing crawling again.  We [...]


Day in the Life – Part II

Where did I leave off?  Oh yes – Henry was jumping around, and I was publishing the Day in the Life Part I post.   10:20 AM – I change another diaper, and then I pump my third bottle of the day. Henry is starting to look very sleepy, so I take him upstairs to [...]


Day in the Life – Part 1

I guess I can be a pretty nosy person – after all, I love to read blogs… isn’t that the ultimate nosy?  It’s fun to peek into someone else’s life and see how they live.  I especially love ‘Day in the Life’ posts.  But my favorite type of ‘Day in the Life’ posts have always [...]

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