December 2010

New Year’s Eve Prep

We’re prepping for a big New Year’s Eve party at Sarah’s house!  We all woke up slowly, and then cooked up a breakfast buffet.   I had eggs with spinach and fruit: We always get manicures when together, so Sarah, Sculley, and I trekked to the salon to get our nails done.  I tend to [...]


Top Posts of 2010

THE BIB TRANSFER DEBATE:  Out of all of the debate posts (also check out The Dog Poop Debate, The PETA Debate, The Michael Vick Debate, and the Sleeping Nekkid Debate), this was my favorite one!  Is it OK to pass off a bib to a friend? QUICHE CORNBREAD:  My most genius recipe of 2010! THE [...]


Blizzard Time

All my buddies are hanging out so I’m going to make this snappy! We drove from Charlotte to Winchester, VA to see my BFF Sarah and my other college buddies, Bethany and Sculley, for New Year’s Eve!  So excited to be here.   On the way down, I had a Resee’s Blizzard, which is quite [...]


A Nice Morning

I’m having one of those days that just seem extra-nice for no apparent reason.  I think I just feel extra-appreciative today.  2010 is almost over and I’m a little sad to see the year go.    Plus, my Vibrams came in the mail!  The Husband got me them for Christmas but I have to send [...]


Breakfast for James

I was craving French toast this morning (Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich, anyone?), but James asked for yogurt. After his near-death experience in October 2009, the vet told us that we should feed him organic yogurt (preferably plain) whenever his tummy is upset.  Organic has more probiotic cultures than regular!  So, I had to eat yogurt [...]


Let the Party Begin!

Oh, I am so happy!  I am officially back on vacation for New Year’s Eve.  We worked for about 7 hours in the clinic today, and now we are done!  So excited for some more time off.  Let the party begin! But first – we had to get through the grind.  :(   I had [...]


This post talks about my period and my sex life.  Therefore, if these issues make you squeamish or you’re my Dad, you’ve been forewarned.   If you’re new to the series or need a refresher:   Part I (February) – I began to have concerns that I’ve been on the Pill for “too long” and [...]


My Very Own Motivator

(I wrote this post last night but Internet was down. Boo!)   Thinking of post titles is so hard sometimes!  I couldn’t think of a winning title so you’re stuck with My Very Own Motivator, which actually beat out:   Green Room, Green Food A Random Day Lights, Camera, Sunflower Buttah I Have a House [...]


Rush Rush

Hey friends!  I’m rushing around today – I’m officially back to work until Thursday, and man – things are crazy.  My email is overflowing, I have a backlog of freelance projects, my book is begging to be attended to… Ouch.   However, I did make time to go to Y2Yoga for the always soul-crushing Superflow [...]


Your Tips for Busting Out of An Athletic Rut

Hey!  It snowed while we were away. The dogs are freaking out.  Maggie is only three inches off the ground.  She does not like snow! In the mix:   1/2 cup raw oats Greek yogurt (honey) Banana Cinnamon Canned Pumpkin   Thanks so much for offering up tips for getting over my mental and physical [...]


My Real Review of Black Swan

I am so sick of staring at this: However, while I was on the road, I had a chance to write My Real Review of Black Swan. I’ll admit it – I only gave you a short review of the movie on Sunday, and it deserves more.  Here is my analysis of Black Swan (don’t [...]


An Athletic Rut

Good morning!  Today is travel-back-to-Charlotte day, and I hear it snowed while we were gone!  Hope it isn’t all melted.   We woke up slowly, and then I munched on a leftover dinner roll and contemplated a run. It took forever but I finally motivated myself to lace up my shoes and go for a [...]


Leftovers to Dinner

With a few easy additions.  :)   My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have made almost every big meal this holiday season, so I figured it was my turn to step things up.  I opened the fridge and was greeted by a ton of leftovers, so I tried to remix things into a fresh meal. I heated [...]


Java Joint

We’re having a white [sand] Christmas over here! We decided to go to the best – um, and only – really good restaurant in Palm Coast for brunch.  It’s right on the Atlantic.  The Husband proposed to me on that beach! I ordered the Spinach Benedict.  My brother-in-law was fascinated by the fluffy balls of [...]

Healthy Tipping Point