November 2012

Working Lunch

Wrapping up the week on a work note at the office.  We’re feeling productive, banging out meeting after meeting and task after task.  I think I’m going to go for a run in a bit – the running areas around the office are so nice, and I could definitely use a change of scenery! We [...]


Breakfast for Everyone {Pet Food Giveaway}

Looks delicious, tastes disgusting. I tried to create my own pancakes with oatmeal and gluten-free flour, and something went horribly, horribly wrong.  Ah well.  That’s what peanut butter sandwiches are for, right?  At least the fried cranberry-apple topping was delicious. Yum.   Every morning, I end up dedicating about an hour to everyone’s breakfast.  First [...]


Best Blog Post I’ve Read Recently…

My appetite is off. the. charts.  I don’t know if it’s running, breastfeeding, or what, but maaaan.  Fuel me up.  This is lunch numero dos. A Trader Joe’s microwavable curry over greens <--- lazy person’s lunch.   We’re having a fun day.  We drove the Husband to work (which sounds like a chore, but it’s [...]



Goooood morning! I don’t want to jinx ourselves, but I think we finally found a sleep training technique that works – neither of us have had to go into Henry’s room at night for two nights in a row…. the only two times that has happened in his entire life.  I’ll do a post about [...]


Last Minute Race Advice

I had a wonderful run this morning!  My Garmin was dead, and I went off my normal path to explore some new streets.  When I got home, I used Google Earth to map my run and discovered that I did about 4.0 miles.  Wahoo. All in all, I’m feeling really good about my upcoming half [...]


Phantom Baby Kicks

Henry was born well over 5 months ago.  But I still feel the kicks. A quick Google search is enough to convince me that I’m not alone.  Lots of moms feel Phantom Baby Kicks (PBKs).    Mine kick in (hah) mostly at night when I lay in bed; this was always when it was easiest [...]



I had such a good day. It was just one of those days that everything seems to fall into place.  Henry was in a good mood and we had a lot of fun playing.  He also napped well, giving me time to do all my chores and work.  And I got to squeeze in a [...]


Soulutions: Depression and Miscarriage

Many of the Soulutions posts may be triggering to some readers.  These topics are much more heavy than we normally talk about on HTP, so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up to proceed with caution.  I don’t think we should ever shy away from these topics as a society, but I also [...]


Tour of the New Holistic Wellness Center

It’s a normal Tuesday over here. We’ve played, gotten changed, and had breakfast.  This is rapidly becoming my new favorite breakfast:  toast with eggs, Soy Chorizo, spinach, and mushrooms.  So spicy.  Oh, and leftover cranberry sauce. Then, it was the doggies’ turn – food, playtime outside, gentle pets from Henry. Although I’m hanging out at [...]



The problem with crawling… My laptop survived.  My sanity, however, is on life support.     How’s your Monday back going?  Mine is going well – lots and lots to do, but the Husband is home today, which is nice.  It meant that I got to go the pool with DadHTP for a swim.  We [...]


Memories, Found

I sure hope you had a nice holiday weekend! We did!  We had a wonderful family lunch, attended a football game, and I even found the time and energy to run six miles.  And we ended things on a high note – Henry and I were playing upstairs in the TV room, and I swear [...]


Six With NPR

Six miles.  Done and done. Normally, I rock out to the Pitbull station on Pandora – hey, what can I say…. I’m from Miami – but today, I tried something different.  I listened to NPR on my iPhone.  I took the one hour run to catch up on Weekend Edition and world news. Did it [...]


Back to Normal

Anyone else ready to go back to normal after the holiday weekend?  Meeeeee.  It’s so fun to stay up late and celebrate with pie and potatoes and wine and treats, but man, oh man – so ready to go back to normal.  Normal is good. My mom and I played with Henry in the nursery [...]


Miami v. Duke

Our one and only tailgate of the season!  We dropped the ball (ooooh, football pun!) on the pre-game food spread.  Normally, we are pretty creative and nosh on grilled peaches, veggie kebobs, and other fun fixings, but we made do with some veggie burgers and baked beans.  Tailgate games = played.  Karaoke in a parking [...]

Healthy Tipping Point