November 2009

Starbucks or a Baby? Hmm.

The Husband declared this “the best sandwich ever”: He is so easy to please – it’s just a grilled cheese with an apple! :)   I had a shot of wheatgrass, the other 1/4 of the apple, and a chocolate orange slice on the side:  :) Mmm!   Other snacks of the afternoon included more [...]


My name is Caitlin, and I have a spending problem.  :(  Welcome to Day 1 of the Responsible Spending Challenge.  This challenge was inspired by a little conversation that took place last night:   Husband: “Caitlin, can you look at this?” (Points to computer screen) Me: “Uhh, what is that? Our bank account? Wow, that [...]


Sore and Score

In case you missed it….   Thanksgiving Recap! I went on a 15.0 mile bike ride, fell down, and broke my bike. :( We went to our last tailgate of the year. I ran 20.0 miles on Sunday in record time!   Good morning!  Boy, am I sore!  My thighs were killing me last night [...]


And Then I Ate

I am a bottomless pit today, which is understandable given the fact that I ran 20.0 miles this morning!   Dinner was awesome and made my belly stop growling!  I made a tofu stir fry in our new wok: The star was this teriyaki sauce that the Husband randomly picked up at the grocery store. [...]


Terrific Twenty

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE JOHNNY! :) I love you!   Previous long runs for Marathon Training:   One Way Ticket to Double Digitland (10.0 miles) Eleven with the Ladies (11.0 miles) A Hellish Half Marathon  (13.1 miles) Fabulous Fourteen (14.0 miles) Sweaty Sixteen (16.0 miles) Screamin’ Seventeen (17.0 miles) Energizing Eighteen (18.0 miles) Easier Eighteen (18.0  [...]


UM vs. USF Tailgate Recap

Our last tailgate was a great one!  :)  We won the last game of the regular season while away in Tampa.  It was great fun!   On the way down to Tampa, I drank an Eggnog Latte from Starbucks.  I heart seasonal flavors. When we arrived in Tampa, we were pleasantly surprised to see a [...]


Shaky Warrior

Hey, James - get off my yoga mat! The ultimate downward dog.  :)   I did 30 minutes of Yoga Sculpt this morning.  I have huge bruises down my thigh from the tumble off my bike yesterday, and I’m not sure if it’s my injuries or just the fact that it was early… I was [...]


Ruined My Dinner

I am this close to finishing the Food Chapter of Operation Beautiful.  The Food Chapter discusses three topics:  fad diets, eating in moderation, and eating disorders.  Not surprisingly, its working out to be the longest chapter in the book.  I have another 5 hours to do before it’s done.   Wine helped, too: I ended [...]


A Tumble Off the Bike

Good afternoon!   I never got hungry for a big dinner last night – my Thanksgiving lunch was simply too big!  I ended up eating Sweet Potato and Black Bean Balls rolled in flax with a side of broc: These balls are really easy to make and taste delicious.  Simply mix mashed sweet potato, black [...]


Thanksgiving Lunch and a Tofurky Trot

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the turkey dessert!  Vegetarians can’t be too picky.  :)   I hope you’re having a nice day!  My Thanksgiving celebration was quite lovely.  The Husband drove me and my father down south to my aunt and uncle’s house for a big family celebration. Upon arrival, I found the men [...]


Thanksgiving Yoga

Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving.  Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today, I’m sure you can find a reason to be grateful!  :)    I am a stickler for “No Holiday Cheer Prior to Thanksgiving” so I was quite happy to turn on the Christmas music this morning! Let the season officially begin!  (I tend [...]


New Friends

The Husband and I are basically adopting Kath’s friends when we move to Charlotte this summer. I had a blast with the famous Nate + Kate and Justin + Amanda… recap tomorrow AM.  I’m pooped! :)   I am THANKFUL for my bed!    Hope you’re having fun where you are, too!


Things I Need To Do More Often #18

Traveling stresses me out – a lot.   Traveling is an even bigger headache during the holiday season, so why not try to make it a little more bearable for yourself and fellow travelers?   Whether you’re going to your Thanksgiving celebration by car, bus, plane, or foot, post a few Operation Beautiful notes in your [...]



Good afternoon!  I have had quite the morning – the book is coming along nicely; however, I am officially a day behind on my self-imposed schedule.  So, I need to buckle down and finish the Food Chapter today!   It has been POURING all day!  I love it.  Rain makes me happy. I broke for [...]

Healthy Tipping Point