January 2011

Dog-Gone Awful

The big event of the afternoon was that Maggie had to go to the vet.  She hates the vet.  Tail-tucked-in, quaking-in-her-paws hates the entire experience.  She had a strange bump on her belly that I had tested to make sure it wasn’t cancerous (it’s not).    The vet also informed me that Maggie needs to [...]


Sushi Fail

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to learn how to make my own vegetarian sushi.  I’m OBSESSED with my favorite sushi restaurant, Cowfish.  I’ve been watching countless YouTube videos on how to prepare sushi, and finally decided to take the plunge today.   Verdict?   Sushi is hard! My ingredients included baked and breaded [...]


The Final Countdown

Catching up on the weekend? I did a video blog (vlog) about my funny accent (the Husband is going to do one soon, hopefully). New recipe:  Southwestern Cornbread Quiche. New recipe:  Sweet and Salty Vegan Overnight Oats. I posted a fun Progressive Speedwork treadmill exercise.   I am officially entering the final countdown for the [...]


This week is Charlotte Restaurant Week, and Jaclyn was kind enough to organize a big blogger dinner at George’s Brasserie, a fine French restaurant.    I have never participated in a Restaurant Week before, and I was pretty excited.  Charlotte’s RW is called the Queen’s Feast and dozens of awesome restaurants participate.  At each restaurant, [...]


Southwestern Cornbread Quiche with Pace Salsa

I have an amazing recipe to share with you – a twist on two of my favorite dishes, Cornbread Quiche and Santa Fe Casserole. Half-quiche, half-cornbread, this recipe is all about the spicy flavor.  It is also my entry into Foodbuzz’s Pace Salsa recipe contest.  The salsa was given to me as a free product [...]


Sweet and Salty Vegan Overnight Oats

Chia seeds are back! Chia seeds can be turned into awesome vegan ‘yogurt’ by simply letting them stand overnight in almond milk (or regular milk).  It’s super tasty and easy!   Adapted from this recipe.   Sweet and Salty Vegan Overnight Oats Ingredients:   2 tablespoons chia seeds 1/3 cup oatmeal 3/4 cup almond milk [...]


Dayton Delay

When your flight is repeatingly delayed in 20 minute blocks for 2 hours, you know what you do?   You eat a cookie as big as your face, that’s what. And you dig into the healthy wrap you packed in your carry-on.  I got this lentil dal wrap at Whole Foods and YUM – it [...]


Progressive Speedwork

Part of my half-marathon training plan calls for speedwork, which so far I’ve been pretty good about fitting in.   In fact, I did two speedwork seshs this week! Normally, I refer to the contraption below as the dreadmill because I really, really hate running on a treadmill.  I find it intensely boring.  I know it’s [...]


Another awesome Operation Beautiful presentation.  :)  I had so much fun talking to two groups of 6th – 8th grade girls at the Friendship Methodist Church. (Best note, ever.)   Before my presentation, I took a much-needed nap.  When I awoke, I was faced with a choice: This choice was possible thanks to a FRIDGE [...]


The Accent Vlog

Some of my favorite bloggers recently did “accent” vlogs, and I loved hearing their voices!  Since everyone commented on this vlog post that my voice was deeper and different than they expected (I think it’s all the !!! and :) :) in my typing), I thought it would be fun to do it, too!   [...]


Oh Hi, Ohio!

Operation Beautiful has taken me to some pretty unique places that I might not have had the chance to visit otherwise:   New York City and then back again Ticonderoga, NY Hagerstown, MD Scottsdale, AZ Villanova, PA Williamsport, PA Tampa, FL and Orlando, FL several times, too!  But I was living there so I don’t [...]


Surprise, Surprise

Well, Carolina Pit BBQ was the last place I expected to find my breakfast!   Back in the airport – headed to an Operation Beautiful presentation in Ohio!  I’m speaking to young girls who belong to a church group.  I’m pretty pumped because this is the target audience for the book I’m currently writing finishing!  [...]


Bille Jean

Meet Billy Jean.  :)  We are dogsitting for our friends for the next three days – I am so excited because I lurve this dog. She is 6 months old and weighs about 25 pounds.  She was rescued from the shelter about two months ago by Kayla and Brandon.  Kayla learned that Billie Jean was [...]


Healthy Ashley and Richard

Healthy Ashley and her fiancé Richard came to Charlotte today for a day-trip, so we met up for lunch! Ashley and I met in Orlando and quickly became fast friends – it’s kind of ironic we both moved to North Carolina and now only live 2 hours from each other!   Ashley and I have [...]

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