Tea with Tonya

Look who I found! Why, that’s my (former) neighbor, Tonya!  You may remember her – last spring, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (Lost and Found in the Garden).  People were so touched by her story and strong faith that strangers from all over the world pulled together to donate over $20,000 to [...]


On the Other Side

“The 23rd Psalm replays in my head all the time,” Tonya says.  “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me… I wake  every morning and I think, ‘BRING IT ON!’” So many of you have asked for an update on my neighbor, [...]


Bzzz Bzzz Breakfast

You know what I miss about being a kid?  Crafting at school.  If I wore a bee hat and ran around screaming, “Bzzz! Bzzz!” I would be locked up in a padded room.  The world needs more bee hats.  And bzzzing instead of talking should be socially acceptable.  Because I don’t know about you, but [...]


5 Miles + 7 Links

Whoop whoop!  Guess who dragged her butt out of bed for a 5.0 mile run?   This is definitely something to CELEBRATE because I haven’t run so far by myself since MARCH.  In fact, I can count my 5K + runs since then on one hand.  Injuries blow, but the thing about most acute injuries [...]


If You’re Going Through Hell

Keep on going. There is one thing I’ve learned about life:  attitude is everything.  This is not just a corny little slogan or a platitude.  Your attitude makes or breaks you.  It defines you.    Everyone is struggling with something. No one’s life is perfect or peachy keen.  We cannot control what happens to us; [...]


Swim It Loose + Another Tonya Update

Sunday seems so long ago – but my muscles certainly remember I ran a sprint triathlon two days ago!  I’m still achy and sore.  I think the bike did me in.  I decided to swim it loose by hitting the gym for a light 20-minute freestyle.  Usually, it’s better to rest; but occasionally, it helps [...]


Prep for Your Race + Tonya Update

Still playing the waiting game!   The Husband and I unleashed our nerves on a nice 3.0 mile run this morning.  He’s been running with me a lot more since he dropped his gym membership – and I like it!  It’s a good way to get in conversation time.   One of the topics we [...]


Lost and Found in the Garden

On Sunday, the Husband and I went for a bike ride.  As we wheeled our bikes out to the street, we stopped to say a quick hello to my neighbor, Tonya.  Tonya is 32 years old and is the mother of two beautiful little boys who are 2 and 3 years old.  She also happens [...]

Healthy Tipping Point