October 2008

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! I love trick or treaters!  I remember what it was like to be young and trick or treating with my mom, so I just love being able to be on the "other side" of the door.  I even turned down TWO grown-up Halloween party invitations to stay home.... I've got my bowl of [...]


Wrap it Up!

Yay! I'm ALMOST done with work for the day!  I did four hours of overtime this morning and wrapped up a document for print.  I was super sleepy from waking up at 6:00 AM to go vote, but now the baby is PDFed and ready to go.   Around 9:30, I had the obligatory Z-Bar. [...]


Barack the Vote!

YAY! I voted!  I woke up verrrrrry early this AM, showered, and ate a quick bowl of oatmeal before leaving for the polling place at 6:45 AM.   I just had basic oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins. Word on the streets is that people have been waiting to vote in Florida for up to [...]


5 More Friends

  I vote because I believe in a better tomorrow.


BM Gifts and Loads of Good Munchies!

Poor planning resulted in me skipping yoga class.  I had my pre-yoga mini dinner and ran errands after work... but I finished errands at 7:00, an hour before class.  It was either sit in the parking lot and wait for class to begin (no sneakers so I couldn't go on the treadmill) or go home. [...]


She’s Bringing Sexy Back

Don't you wish your abs looked like this: Maggie needs to do more sit-ups. Seriously.   Sorry, I'm in a weird mood. Maybe work is slowly making me go crazy? Who knows! I am looking forward to unwinding at yoga tonight... hip-hip-hoooray!   Around 9:30, I had the usual.... a Z-Bar.  I caught Future Husband [...]


Sunny Side of Oatmeal

Good morning.... I'm sleepy.  I stayed up late to see the Phillies win and pick up my brother-in-law from the airport.  After yoga class is over tonight, I am going to go directly to bed.  :)   Thanks again for reading my Motivation, Part II post.  It's so nice to know my blog touches you, [...]


Motivation, Part II

I briefly touched on my motivation for healthy eating and exercise in last night's post, and several of you asked that I expand on my philosophy a little tonight.    To summarize what I said last night, one of my turning points was when I realized I should work out for my health, not to [...]


Good afternoon!    As you may expect, I had a Z-Bar for my mid-morning snack.  I made James pose with it to make the picture slightly more interesting: Doesn't he look cute/scared?   And for lunch, I had a platter lunch.... which is always more fun because it takes longer to eat. Instead of eating [...]


"Which Came First?" Savory Oatmeal

Good morning! I've got to make this snappy, as I'm running late, late, late!   First off, I'm glad everyone found my quick thoughts on Motivation to be interesting!  I will definitely expand on this topic tonight, and I'll respond to your comments when I get a chance.   Secondly, don't forget about the Athleta [...]



One of the turning points for me was when I realized I should work out for my health, not to look hot.  When I only cared about being skinny, I ended up sabotaging myself.   I was too focused on short-term benefits, and when they didn't instantly materialized, I would binge.  Very counterproductive.   Now, I [...]


Cheesey Lunch and Wedding Details (Favors!)

Good afternoon! How are you? I'm good... work is work.  I have a lot to do this week, so I'm totally buckling down and focusing.   A Fine Balance   I did take a brief break to look at the news (gotta stay up to date on the election!) and I saw this article on [...]


Coffee IV?

Sometimes I wish I could hook myself up to a coffee IV and just have the caffeine drip, drip, drip into my veins all day long.   Obviously, I am tired! :) I'm really looking forward to going to the gym after work because I know it will boost my energy level.  I always think [...]


Failure to Squash

Good evening. Lookie at me, not at the gym!  I felt so overwhelmed with wedding, work, and holistic website stuff that I just wanted to stay home and drink vino.  Future Husband completely agreed with me.   I did a taste test between the two reds we have open at home to decide which I [...]

Healthy Tipping Point