October 2009

Pumpkin Seeds

I finally carved my pumpkin.  I’m much more concerned with the seeds than the face.  :) I made my two favorite seeds:   Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Seeds (for 1 pumpkin’s worth):   Two heaping spoonfuls of brown sugar 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon Two tablespoons of water Original Pumpkin Seeds (for 1 pumpkin’s worth):   [...]


21 Things

Last night was my brother-in-law Nick’s 21st Birthday celebration!  It was quite the experience.  :) We started things off at Dexter’s, a cute little restaurant in downtown Orlando.  Dexter’s has good drinks, yummy food, AND it’s only a rickshaw ride away from the clubs. I started off with an Upside Down Pineapple Cake Martini.  I [...]


Necessary, Part II

Although I was on cloud nine after my 17.0 mile run, I quickly came crashing back to Earth.      As mentioned, I’ve been going through a rough time with my “womanly exams” lately.  My annual pap smear revealed “abnormal” cells or “pre-pre-cancerous” cells.  Then on the 22nd, I went in for a colposcopy, which is [...]


Meganerd Takes An Ice Bath

Please watch this until at least 1:05.  It brought on the MAJOR LOLs for me.   HAHAH she won’t sit down in it!  See why I like to run 17 miles with Megan?  She makes me laugh.  :)   Oh, PS – I am not woman enough to take ice baths.


Screamin’ Seventeen

Previous long runs for Marathon Training:   One Way Ticket to Double Digitland (10 miles) Eleven with the Ladies A Hellish Half Marathon Fabulous Fourteen Sweaty Sixteen   I had an awesome long run this morning.  It was totally one for the Caitlin record books.  :) One of the key differences in today’s long run [...]


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Part II

I’m currently running 17.0 miles, so I thought I’d leave you with a 5 Facts about Maggie post since the 5 Facts about James post was so popular.  :)   Fact 1:  Maggie has a really weird body.  Not just regular dachshund-weird, but extra weird.  For example, she only has 7 nipples (circled below).  She [...]


Pasta Party

The digestion system is so, so weird.  There’s something about the guts that just freak me out. My lab partner makes an excellent model.  :)  Tonight’s anatomy lab was filled with tons of information about poop.  Of course, I asked why marathoners poop themselves sometimes, and everyone turned around and looked at me like -- [...]


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?  Animal shelters in America take in 10 million dogs a YEAR!  That’s a lot of furry friends that need love.    Both of our doggies were rescued, but James is from a real animal control shelter and Maggie is from an independent group.   In [...]


Is Your BMI Number BS?

I had a Spanish-inspired lunch: I have been CRAVING yellow rice for days.  Black beans with yellow rice is such an awesome combination.  Nom, nom, nom. With a side of green beans for some color.    Is Your BMI Number BS?   This morning, I was doing some research on the BMI scale for the [...]


Intuitive Eating

Update your Google Readers!  www.healthytippingpoint.com/feed   Sorry for the delay in posting.  :(  My Internet was down all morning, which was so frustrating because I live and breathe my computer.   My technical issues did mean that I had time to clean the house AND make a yummy breakfast: I love whole wheat waffles, but I [...]


Halloween Approaches

Tonight, the Husband, my brother-in-law Nick, our friend Harry, and I went shopping for Halloween costumes.  Why are all the girl costumes “sexy”?  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a little oh-la-la in your costume, but it’s just not what I’m looking for this year. We did find this sweet Edward Cullen Night [...]


A Wonderfully Random Morning

I had an interview with a Croatian TV station about Operation Beautiful this morning via Skype.   The most glorious thing about Skype is that all you have to do is fix your hair and put on a nice shirt.  I’m wearing sweatpants on the bottom. :) After the interview, I skyped with Michelle for a [...]


Healing Properties

New Google Reader feed is www.healthytippingpoint.com/feed   One of the key aspects of Back On Track Month is getting 8 hours of sleep so I can wake up early and do meditation and yoga.  I fell out of the habit a few weeks ago, and I miss it so much!   This morning, I turned [...]


Grey Night

Evening!  It’s rainy and cozy in Central Florida tonight.  I encountered quite the rain storm on my way to night class. My anatomy lesson seemed to drag on and on. We’re studying the digestive system right now, and I find it to be extremely confusing. Yes, I actually wrote “What the F?” in my notes.  [...]

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