November 2011

Worker Bee

Good afternoon! How goes it?  Feeling awake and productive?  Snoozing at your desk?  It’s a little of both over here. I’m working under three awesome deadlines (awesomely pressing) for three separate writing projects.  It’s kind of fun but crazy, too.  I actually am not the type of person who thrives under deadlines – I would [...]


BabyHTP: 12 Weeks

One week to go!  One week to go!  (Until the second trimester, that is!)     I hear the second trimester is a period of increased energy, happy contentment, and an actual desire to do normal activities, like the dishes, exercise, and the horizontal polka.  BRING IT ON.  And I’ll admit – looking at the [...]


Shut Up and Sign Up

Earlier, when I was on my draggy 5K run, I thought to myself, “Man, I really need a kick in the pants.”  The truth is that it’s just far too easy to make excuses and lay on the couch at this point in my pregnancy. While some rest is necessary and good, I’ll admit it [...]


Get Ready for the 5K

I am so sad that Girls on the Run is nearly over for Fall 2011.  But that means that the New Balance 5K is just already the corner.  I LOVE the 5K – it’s a wonderful experience for the girls. Fall 2010 Recap Spring 2011 Recap Before the 5K, headquarters always hosts a Coaches Meeting [...]


Save a Shelter Pet, Week 4

I am REALLY excited about this week’s shelter pup because 1) he’s super cute; 2) he has so much personality and 3) he is currently being fostered by fellow blogger, Meaghan.   Writing these Shelter Pet posts for the last month has made me realize how AMAZING foster fur-parents are – these generous people help keep [...]


Rained Out

Promises, promises. Apparently when I promised ‘come hell or high water,’ I did not mean actual water.  Because by the time we got off work, it was absolutely pouring.  Chilly and raining.  And my grand plan had been to leave work and run home, so I didn’t have the appropriate gear.  I actually enjoy running [...]


What I’m Reading Monday

I am having a very good day, but it’s also one of those days that I spend all my time putting out fires and playing catch-up, leaving my real work behind.  Also – I got sucked into the vortex of Internet surfing (see below).  Whoops.  But it’s only 2:00!  Still time to get stuff done, [...]


New Week

Confession:  Last week was a really crap week. I’m pretty good at reframing crap situations in positive lights, but last week was just one small headache and trouble after another.  Nothing that was truly a big deal in the grand scheme of things – I just went to bed feeling defeated and unhappy every single [...]


Grilled Cheese Mix-Ins

Hello, hello! I spent my Sunday 1) in the kitchen and 2) in Nicole’s living room, engaging in an epic catch-up sesh.  The activities kind of overlapped because my oven is still broken, and I needed a place to bake my gingerbread cookies.  So I hauled my dough to Nicole’s, popped my little guys in [...]



So – I have the crazy urge to write another book.  Crazy because I just wrote three books in two years, and for many weeks after finishing the last one, I thought, “If I never write another page of another book ever again, I will die happy.”   But now… I want to write again.  [...]


Our shopping trip was a success!  The end of season gifts for Girls on the Run were really stressing me out.  I always want to give the girls something special and sweet… but I was running out of time (end of season is this Thursday!).  Last year, I did personalized photo albums from Snapfish, which [...]


Tea Lesson

This morning in the Boyle kitchen, the Husband gave Mom a tea lesson (here are most of his tips).  The Hus is very serious about his tea; after all, he’s English.  They know how to do tea.   His number one tip – Scald the teapot with hot water before adding the leaves and rest of [...]


The Burbs

Today was a good day.  The Husband and I took Mom on a tour of Charlotte and the surrounding towns.  We’re nearly back on the house-huntin’ bandwagon (we had a failed attempt this summer) and are beginning to consider properties a little farther away than my beloved ‘cool’ part of town.  So we drove south [...]


Blustery Friday

Instead of shopping, I slept in and went running.  A pretty nice way to spend Black Friday, in my opinion. Check out all that frost!   I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our celebration was filling and fun.  I love to have Thanksgiving with my English in-laws because they make an honest effort to [...]

Healthy Tipping Point