For Your Reading Pleasure

Whew.  That post title is a mouthful!  But it’ll all make sense in a few…   My day has been jam-packed with work.  It’s my day on the job (the Husband stays home on Fridays so I can work), and I’ve been frantically plowing through my list of To Do’s.  I did take a lunch [...]


Hair and a Run

My hair is slowly being ripped out by grabby baby hands. Could’ve gone short, short, short and completely solved this problem – you may be thinking, “Find a hair fubby, silly!” but finding a hair fubby (hair tie, whatever) at 3:30 AM whilst holding a hangry baby is impossible.  Anyway, I’ll probably never cut my [...]


More of the Same

You know what knocks Henry out, besides swaddling?  Celine Dion.  But only when the Husband sings ‘My Heart Will Go On’ as loudly as possibly.   Obviously… it’s hard to concentrate on work today. Lunch was more of the same.  A stir-fry with:   Brown rice Mixed veggies Broccoli slaw Dark red kidney beans Balsamic [...]


Read On

First of all, here is a gratuitously cute photograph of Henry from our newborn shoot. Second of all, here is my delicious breakfast! In the mix:   Raw oats Blueberries Greek yogurt Almonds   I tried this brand of Greek yogurt today.  Honestly, I picked it up because it was only a buck (on sale).  [...]


Grilled Goodness

I’m just trying to plow through work today – what about you? We don’t have any big weekend plans but I’m so pumped that it’s Friday.  I’ve definitely got one eye on my work and the other one the clock.  Come on, 5:00!   Lunch: Grilled goat cheese sandwich > grilled cheddar.  Word up. With [...]


Baby Blue Steel Face

Work it, Henry. Work it. Today is Henry’s newborn photo shoot.  I am greatly looking forward to embarrassing him with the nude photographs when he is 18 and headed out to prom. <3 Our photographer brought us some cookies – how awesome is that? They tasted like almond macaroons.  Very light and fluffy. I grabbed [...]


Friday Reads

I asked the Husband what he wanted for breakfast and he said, “Something nutritious and delicious.” Hmmm. I ended up making eggs, hash browns (from a frozen package) with broccoli, and fruit.  The hash browns didn’t cook too well – it ended up being a hash mash.  Still tasty though. For Your Reading Pleasure   [...]


Lunch Break

Yesterday, I found myself Googling “vegetarian baked beans recipe” and was saddened that I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients in my pantry.  I was missing molasses.  Blast.  So today, I headed to the store and I bought… canned baked beans.  Homemade be damned. Lunch was a random mish-mosh.   While the baked beans were [...]


There was a point that my desk at the clinic looked like a tornado had swept through. However, it is now decidingly more organized, which means the weekend is almost here!   Per Friday tradition, here is a list of interesting articles that I enjoyed reading this week on the Interwebs.  There’s only a few [...]


Since so many readers commented that they like it when I do ‘articles worth reading’ round-ups on Fridays, here’s another edition of For Your Reading Pleasure!  Read on, read on. No one really wants to do work on Friday afternoons, anyway.   The Pregnancy Project: Why One Girl Decided to Fake Her Baby Bump Gabby [...]


I’m a firmer believer that health equals balance.  But balance is a tricky thing because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.  It’s hard to define.  Balanced looks different from person to person as they go through life’s ups and downs – even changing on a day-to-day basis!  Sometimes balance means pushing yourself to exercise harder.  Sometimes it [...]

Healthy Tipping Point