Boot Camp

Boot Camp Transformation: 14 Weeks

I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I wrote my last boot camp update! Time flies when you’re lifting heavy stuff.  Hah. Definitely check out the first update to see what my boot camp classes are all about and how it helped transform my post-baby body into a stronger and healthier version of me!  [...]


Modified Boot Camp

The start to every single road trip that I’ve ever been on with the Husband starts like this:  We agree to leave at a certain time, but it’s actually a fake time, because we know we won’t REALLY leave until at least an hour after the real time.  So we say 1:00 but we mean [...]


Day 2 of Boot Camp, done! Today’s Boot Camp actually seemed a lot easier than Day 1 because I knew the moves and what modifications I needed to do.  My muscles feel stronger already! :)   The Husband did Boot Camp with Nicole and I.  He regularly strength trains and said it was challenging, but [...]


Day 1 of Bootcamp

Terrieha from RYP Performance (she’s also on Twitter) recently offered to develop a virtual boot camp program for me.  I jumped at the chance because:   I’ve always wanted to do a real-life boot camp but it’s so expensive.  (Terrieha, who is based out of Auburn, does $5 drop-in boot camp classes.  How awesome is [...]

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