Little Green Pouch

A baby recipe! Baby food pouches RULE.  At first, I thought, “Man, those little pouches are priceeeeey.  Why wouldn’t moms and dads just buy the jars and spoon it out?”  And then I had Henry, who usually hates to have anything fed to him and prefers to do it all by himself.  I also realized [...]


It’s Pajama Time

Apparently, we are the kind of people who go to the grocery store in our pajamas. At least Henry looks cute in his footed onesie!  I just look like a trainwreck momma. We were publicly embarrassing ourselves for a good cause – fresh fruit!  And Nutella. One of the hotels that I stayed in last [...]


Starting Solids

I’ve been asked by quite a few people to do a post on this topic, so here it is! You know, for something that I’ve done three to six times a day for nearly my entire time, feeding my baby solids felt… a little overwhelming.  What do I feed him?  And how?  And when?  But [...]

Healthy Tipping Point