October 2010

Return of the Bike

After procrastinating for three months, I finally decided to fix my flat tire. Yay! The return of my bike.  :)  I was really, really into cycling last year – even doing a Metric Century and a Century – but fell out of the habit when I started to train for the marathon (and when I [...]


Lazy Girl’s Cinnamon Bread French Toast

After running a marathon… We transformed into Katy Perry and Russell Brand (I love her, and the Husband is actually British, so it works).  I actually wore kitten heels.  I ended up sitting down for most of the evening!   Halloween was very fun.  My camera was acting up, so I only got pictures of [...]


Spinx Run Fest Marathon Race Recap

I dug deep – and I pulled out a marathon that I didn’t even know I had inside me. How deep did I dig, you ask?   I slammed through 26.2 miles in 4:22:38 – a full 32 minutes faster than my first marathon and 13 minutes faster than I hoped to run this race.  [...]


Here We Go!

The gear is laid out… My bag is packed… Reminders are up… Cookies are in my belly (times four)… Pasta Party was held…   Carbohydrates + Gatorade were consumed…   And nails are painted… Because if you didn’t know, prettily painted nails makes you run faster! Running 26.2 miles in the morning for the second [...]


Dinner Parties Among Friends

Pssst!  Healthy Tipping Point is finally on Facebook! :)   The taper crazies have fully set in, so I took James for a 2.0 mile walk this morning.  It felt good to move.  He liked it, too, of course.  The Lazy One stayed home.  Would you expect anything less?   Lunch: A hummus, tabbouleh, and [...]


Subliminal Messages

Do you see it? I eat marathons for breakfast.  :)  You just have to tackle it mile by mile.  Or each chia-seed covered pancake, banana, and cashew. Eat it Run until the whole thing is gone!   Feeling much more confident about tomorrow’s marathon!  Sometimes, I think it’s just a matter of getting the nerves [...]


Cooking for Four

So, after I got the kayak out of my living room (here’s why a 17-foot long kayak was in my living room in the first place)… I got a lot of work done.  :)  It was a good afternoon.   I also did a MAJOR grocery haul.  Bless my mother-in-law, she handed over her credit [...]


We Don’t Fit!

I took the morning off to drive with my Dad to a little town called Colfax to get a replacement window for his RV. He drove, I entertained. It was a pretty simple drive:  90 miles northeast, pay for the new window, get back in the car, drive 90 miles home.    We did, however, [...]


Marathon Music

Quick breakfast; I’ve got to rush out of the house! Lazy breakfast mess:   Greek yogurt 1/2 cup oatmeal 1 tablespoon chia seeds Canned pumpkin Raspberries Marathon Music   Here it is!  My official Spinx Run Fest Marathon Playlist.  Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions via Twitter; I downloaded a lot of your favorite tunes! [...]


Holy Hot Yoga

Woah!  Hot yoga was a killer tonight.  So thankful I brought Gatorade because I was drip, drip, drippin’ all over my mat the entire time.  I actually even had to walk out at a point!  It was exhausting.  But great, too.  :)   In fact, yoga was probably exactly what I needed.  I am starting [...]


Homemade Arepas

I grew up in sunny Miami, Florida and lived there until I graduated high school. One of the best parts of growing up in Florida (besides the sun and surf!) was the awesome Hispanic food.     One of my favorite things to eat were arepas, a corn-based bread from Colombia and Venezuela that is often [...]


Game Face Redux

Oooooh yeah. Have you not made the Autumn Grilled Banana Sandwich yet?  Because you REALLY should! Game Face Redux   I had grand plans to write a post about getting my game face on for my marathon (THREE DAYS – AHHH!).  I woke up and starting to mentally put together my post when I vaguely [...]


Make-Up Free – The Way to Be?

When I wake up tomorrow, it will be just THREE DAYS until my second marathon!  Soooo excited.  And sooo nervous. :) :)   Today was a typical Tuesday – lots of writing, e-mailing, secretary-ing at the clinic, and a little volunteering with Girls on the Run. Ever since I read about the 200 Texas high [...]


If the Shoe Fits…

One of the most common questions that I receive is, “What kind of shoes do you wear?  What kind of shoes should I buy?”  This is a very hard question to answer because everyone’s foot is different!  I hope this guest post from an experience shoe-fitter named Meg helps you in your quest for the [...]

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