July 2008

stuffed onion

whew! i can't believe it's already 9 PM and i just got around to dinner. after work, my neighbor and i took our dogs to the dog park and let them burn off some energy. when we got home, i SPEED cleaned the apartment for our weekend guest :)for dinner i made a modified recipe [...]



lunch today was an easy recipe i turn to often! my turkey burgers (wrapped in a WW pita) include 1/4 lb 99% fat free turkey, a tbsp of mustard, some chopped onions, chopped mushrooms, and bits of kale smashed together. i fry it in EVOO for a few seconds on each side to brown, and [...]


i love me some glucosamine!

work's been busy this AM (i work from home), but i took a break around 10 AM to munch on an almond, pecan, and raisin mix. my FMIL (future mother-in-law) gave me this little plate a few years ago, i love it!i also took one of my three daily glucosamine synergy pills (500 mg each). [...]


almost there!

happy thursday! we're almost at the weekend. i'm excited because one of our good friends from college is coming to visit the FH (future husband) and me. we live in florida now (instead of pittsburgh) and we get swamped with visitors! but we love it.i started off this morning slowly, as it is my REST [...]


i do…

well, hello blog world! i've been a daily visitor on so many great food blogs over the last year, i decided to jump on the bandwagon and tell my story as i go from live-in girlfriend to wife. although i've been an avid exerciser for about three years, i've really stepped up my game now [...]

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