January 2014

Here’s a peek at how we spent our morning! I rushed us out of the house to make Henry’s gym class.  Henry has two scheduled classes a week – music class on Mondays with Dad and gym class on Thursdays with Mom.  We really like his gym class and were so excited to go.  But [...]


Plus – win a pillow from Sleep Innovations. It snowed yesterday!  Henry was SO excited to see snow, which isn’t super common in Charlotte.  It snowed last year, but he was far too little to appreciate it.  This year, I had to force him to come back inside because I knew his hands must’ve been [...]


7 Concepts That Guide My Parenting

Subtitled – 7 Things That I Think I Know About Parenting Henry* * Subject to change in, oh, one year.   When I was pregnant, Kristien and I finally decided that we had to actually meet and get to know our kid before deciding how to parent him or her.  Once Henry was born, I [...]


A Little Bit of Everything

Just popping in to say that this is the most amazing snack, ever. It’s a banana topped with sunflower butter, chocolate chips, and crumpled potato chips.  Dude.  Duuuuuude.  So good. It’s a little bit of everything – kind of like this post!     What did you do this weekend?  My goal for 2014 is [...]


Weekend Highlights

Henry opened his diaper drawer, took out a few, and then tried to put a diaper on his (very small) dolly.  It was adorable.    Then we diapered all his teddy bears. <3   Sunday food preppers – did you do it yet?!  I completed all my food prep for next week.  Wahoo!  Chopped fruit [...]


I’ve always been into the idea that small changes make the most difference. This holds true in many areas of life, but I think it’s especially applicable for health and fitness.  Hence the name of my blog; the idea has always been that small switches and additions can create tremendous momentum and help change your [...]


I want to go back! We had an absolute BLAST abroad the Celebrity Summit as part of the Cabot Celebrity cruise (each year, Cabot Coop takes about 45 volunteers on a cruise as a ‘thank you’ – I went because of my work with Operation Beautiful and as the cruise’s Social Media Correspondent).  I must [...]


Do You Like Your Gym?

Remember the track workout from my gym that I posted a few weeks back?  Well, I figured today was a good day to test it out. HOLY HELL.   Let me repeat that.   HOLY HELL.   This was so, so hard.  I was thrilled to make it to the 1-minute plank towards the end [...]


If this was right outside your window, would you go run on the treadmill? If the answer is yes, well – you are a stronger woman than I!  But for me, the answer was a sunny, Pina Colada drenched NO.  I ran once on our cruise vacation for a grand total of 2.0 miles, despite [...]


The French Elvis

It’s going to be a busy Monday! However, the God of Work From Home Parents smiled down upon me, waved his magic wand, and Henry slept in.  Coupled with the fact that I got up early, things are going swimmingly.   I had enough time to navigate the jungle that sprang to life in my [...]


One Last Sunny Day

Dare I say that our last cruise day in St. Thomas was the very best? We found an amazing  beach to sun, play, and relax at.  There was even snorkeling – right off the sand!  A man gave Henry a few dog biscuits, which drew in tons of tropical fish that ate right out of [...]


Kath Eats: 10 Ways to Eat More Real Food

Here’s a flashback post from Kath Eats Real Food. Kath’s blog was one of the first blogs that I ever read, and she continue to inspire me to eat, well, more real food. She’s a registered dietitian and co-owns a bakery with her husband, Matt.   Hi HTP friends! Caitlin does a great job of [...]


Just checking in to say that we’re having an amazing time, and we’re plotting our escape to the Caribbean.  Would you still read my blog if we pulled a cut and run and moved to an island?! In between work, we’ve had many chances to get off the boat and relax. So far, we’ve been [...]


Easy Cauliflower Mash {Veggie Recipe}

I feel like cauliflowers are underrated.  But they shouldn’t be!  They are so delicious and versatile!   Obviously, if you cover cauliflower in cheese, it’s going to be tasty… {Recipe Here}   … But there are other awesome ways to eat cauliflower!  My personal favorite is to mash up the veggie, just like mashed potatoes. [...]

Healthy Tipping Point