February 2011


This Oven Roasted Carrots and Kale recipe is mind-blowing, totally healthy, and oh-so-simple.  And it actually made kale taste good.  A miracle. In fact, I ate half a head of kale in that serving!  Mmmm.   Along with my awesome side dish, we had roasted pinto beans (which I ended up slathering in BBQ sauce [...]


HTP Q&A, Part II

I was suppose to meet friends Kate and Kristin at the park for a picnic for lunch (look at me, not eating out!).  However, it’s super windy outside and threatening to rain.  So I suggested we bring the patient inside and eat in the waiting room of the clinic.  :) Don’t worry – no patients [...]


HTP Q&A, Part I

Good morning! Happy Monday.  Let’s rock this week, mmmkay? I made another batch of Anne P’s bars last night (this time with chocolate peanut butter), and one of the bars was a perfect addition to my banana + Greek yogurt:   Delicious.    Ask Me Anything, Part I   I’m a sucker for Q&A posts [...]


Yeah, Earth Fare!

If you sign up for the Earth Fare newsletter HERE, you get the following awesomesauce coupon: Mashed potatoes, baby carrots, and a packet of veggie burgers?!  FOR FREE?  Um, yes please.   And dessert involved some hard work in the kitchen (okay, I just had to let the food processor whirl forever).  I made Oh [...]


I’ve Got a Fuel Mule

It’s beautiful outside!  I can’t wait for spring to fully bloom.  It’s so close; I can smell it in the air (oh wait, that’s just unusually high pollen counts…)! Today’s agenda includes running 5.0 miles.  The Husband is going to bike alongside me so I’m excited for that.  It’s nice to have a fuel mule [...]


Another Evening In

How creeped out does Maggie look in this family picture? Poor thing.   Much like last night, we’re staying in tonight and doing noooothing.  It feels so good.   Actually, we got a ton of adult-chores done today.  We worked, cleaned the car, did taxes (!!), and rearranged some furniture.  I also ran 3.0 miles [...]


Get $$ Organized

Another Saturday at the clinic.  I brought a homemade lunch.  :)   In the mix:   Spinach Roasted broccoli Roasted sweet potato Sprouts Two hard boiled eggs Balsamic dressing Get $$ Organized   One of my 2011 resolutions is to figure out our finances.  My goals include:   Pay taxes on a quarterly basis (started [...]


Beer Oatmeal

First ice cream for breakfast and now this?! :)   Beer oatmeal: Only on the weekend! I was staring into my fridge and saw this delicious bottle of brew: The Black Toad Dark Ale (an English Brown Ale) from Black Toad Brewing contains hints of chocolate and coffee.    And it happens to taste delicious [...]


Dance Central

Have you guys played with the Dance Central interactive video game on the Xbox Kinect?   IT’S SO FUN!  You try to mirror the dance moves shown on the television screen.  Your body is the controller, and you get points for correctly performing the moves. That’s what what we did with our Friday night!  :)


Replace the Voices in Your Head

If you take away one lesson from this blog, I hope it’s that being healthy has as much to do with mental health as it does with the foods we eat and the exercises we complete.   I’ll admit – I’m a textbook perfectionist and workaholic.  I always have been, and I’m pretty sure that [...]


The Magic Stick

There is something so awesome about fruit salad.  Reminds me of being in a fancy hotel. Apple, banana, and orange (split the fruits with the Husband): And Chobani Greek yogurt (vanilla) with a crumbled Anne P’s bar: Goodbye, Foam Roller   Last night, I was hanging out at Nicole’s and picked her up The Stick. [...]


The original Perfect Baked Tofu recipe is definitely one of my favorites.  This recipe, while NOT perfect, is still pretty good.  :)  All you need for this Runner-Up Marinade is BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and yellow mustard.  Part of why it’s so good is that this recipe is incredibly simple.  :)   You also need [...]


Corn Tortilla Casserole

Tina recently e-mailed me with this awesome corn tortilla recipe, and I knew I had to put my own unique spin on this Mexican lasagna.  Plus, it was super easy to prepare.   Also, I heart recipes with only six ingredients. I used a dark leafy kale as my green, but I think I would [...]


Ice Cream for Breakfast

Despite the fact that the weather isn’t complying, my heart, body, and soul are already well into summer mode.  Hence, ice cream for breakfast. Not just any old ice cream – the very healthy Banana Soft Serve.  If you have not discovered BSS yet, let me show you the light.   You can make creamy, [...]

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