June 2013

Over It

This has not been a good week. My week included, but was not limited to, falling down my stairs and injuring myself, getting into a car accident and re-injuring myself, Henry getting sick, Henry vomiting all over himself and me in a parking lot, looming deadlines, and many fires at work.  Nothing all that bad, [...]


Up, Down, All Around

So on Monday, I fell down our stairs. Ever since we bought the house, falling down the stairs has been a big concern.  They are so steep.  And, of course, I fell down the stairs with Henry in my arms.  I slipped off the top step and slid halfway down before catching us with my [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

Plus – my next race! Last week was a bit lackluster, as far as Olympic tri training goes.  Life got in the way, and there were a few times that I was just so wiped for momma duty and oh-so-not motivated to sweat.  I normally aim to do 5 – 6 workouts a week during [...]


Local Flavors

Is the weekend already over? Waaaaah. I’m not ready for Monday!  After a long week and an even longer Friday (we traveled to and from Raleigh for work), I was so anticipating a wonderful weekend.  I feel like we crammed a lot in… but I am still not satisfied!  Ah well.  That’s the thing about [...]


Buh-Bye, Bottles

Heeeeelp. I wasn’t planning to post today, but I really need the mommas’ help.  You see, we are trying to eliminate Henry’s beloved babas.  At his one year check-up, his pediatrician told me that I should stop giving him bottles and transition him full-time to sippy cups. Henry already uses sippy cups at meals to [...]


First Father’s Day

A few days late, yes, but it would be remiss for me to skip a Father’s Day post. Because I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband, and Henry is lucky enough to have a wonderful father. And he deserves to be honored! I met Kristien when I was rather young (19), and I [...]



Let’s talk about this race photo. Another failed heel click!  I attempt to do a heel click at every race.  Very often, I cannot time it correctly with the photograph’s flash (because, seriously, I am usually busy trying not to pass out from exhaustion in the middle of the race, and while heel clicking is [...]


Tri Latta Spring Triathlon 2013 Race Recap

Plus – a birthday party! It has been a long, long, LONG time since I set a personal record.  I think it’s been two years!  But yesterday – I finally broke a record.  And when I say I broke it, I mean I destroyed it. My new sprint tri record is about four minutes faster [...]


To Stir or Not To Stir

That is the hummus question. Let’s be friends on Instagram!   The other day, DadHTP informed me that you are supposed to stir the flavored hummus tub when you first open it.  You know what I mean – I’m talking about the hummus and pine nuts, hummus and sundried tomato, and hummus and caramelized onion [...]


Henry By The Numbers

I just can’t believe Henry is turning one!  I will never, ever forget the wonderful memories that Kristien, Henry, and I made over the past 365 days. And thank you so much for the support over the course of my pregnancy and his first year – it meant so much and helped us through so [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

It was a good week! I’m finally public on Instagram – CaitlinHTP.  Won’t you be my friend?   Here’s all my workouts from last week.  My next tri is just around the corner!   Monday – Rest.   Tuesday – Morning: 2 mile run at the gym + strength training (legs).  Afternoon: 1000 yard swim. [...]


Tacos and a Haircut

The title sums it up.   Tacos! And a haircut. Up first… those tacos.   I’ve been wrappin’ everything – everything! – in soft corn taco shells. Everything tastes better and infinity more delicious in taco form. Agree? Agree. Today’s combo included:   Wild rice Black beans Tomatoes Cheddar cheese (extra extra extra sharp) Onions [...]


Something Sweet

Something sweet for breakfast… Someone sweet to love! I figured it was time to write 5 Facts About Pippa since there’s already 5 Facts About James and 5 Facts about Maggie.  Pippa’s been with us since this Fall, and we love her so much!   Fact #1:  Pippa’s full name is Pippa Middleton (all of [...]


A few weeks ago, I traveled to Minneapolis for a blogger tour of General Mills headquarters. For transparency’s sake, our travel expenses were reimbursed but I’m not being paid for this post or am I being otherwise sponsored by General Mills.   The Husband and Henry came, too, and when we arrived in Minneapolis, we [...]

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