February 2009

Can’t…. Stop… Eating!

I literally cannot stop eating, and I really don't care! Not only am I refueling from the 12.4 miles I ran this morning, but I've got a Half Marathon to carb load for (ohmigod, back-to-back-to-back races are a-mazing!).   Following the 2 pounds of Chinese food and 2 glasses of wine for lunch, I munched [...]


Gasparilla Recap Part 1

2 races down, 1 to go!! The 15K and 5K was a success!  It's a beautiful day in Tampa, and I had so much fun running back-to-back races. My day started very, very early.  I barely slept at all because I was so nervous.  My alarm went off at 4:30, and I felt like I [...]


Dinner in Tampa

I've got my race face on!!! Can't wait to kick arse on the 15K and 5K tomorrow morning.   The drive to Tampa was no big deal... we didn't even hit traffic!  Meghann and I snacked on these Pop Chips.  Can you believe this whole bag only has 360 calories?! When we arrived in Tampa, [...]


#1 Rule of Racing

Hello!  I am having a wonderful day.  I took the dogs to the park, and they enjoyed it very much! I actually saw James' TWIN dog today, too!  Look at this little girl -- doesn't she look like my James? The owner said she's a Feist, and I think once a reader asked me if [...]


Yoga Does a Runner’s Body GOOD

Morning!  Sorry for the delay in posting. This morning has been a hectic whirlwind, but I'm getting so much stuff done AND I am feeling very positive about my 3 races this weekend.   I woke up at 5:45 AM to eat breakfast with my Dad before taking him to the airport. I made us [...]


Old Pictures

My Dad came to visit me tonight and the first thing he asked was "Can we go to that really good Thai place tonight?"  I love Thai with my Dad because we used to go every week when I was in high school! :)   YAY!   We started with the usual... Spring rolls!  Mmm. [...]


I’m Stuck in a Glass Case of Emotion

Anchorman!  Anyone, anyone?   OK - so it's technically my "Friday" and all I want is to be DONE with work.  I finally got my Internet working again (yay) so I'm trucking along.  Can't wait to call quitting time!   I have been sups hungry all morning.  I snacked on an orange... And a "green [...]


Kids and Food

Morning!  One thing that always gets my blood pressure boiling is when I wake up and discover my internet is not working.  It's not only an inconvenience, it's a major issue for me because I work from home.  I spent about half an hour fiddling with it before I realized that I have internet, my [...]


Forever May I Run!

Evening, lovelies!  So, I was laying in bed and this song randomly came on Music TV: you don't deserve to get lost / soon will come the waves will stop / the still of the night / sitting amps in the half line / may your struggles all be won / ....  forever may you [...]


Lunch Already!? And Gasparilla Goals

Afternoon!  It's 11:37 and I just finished my lunch.  Part of the trouble with beginning work at 7 AM is that I end up hungry for lunch so early.   I have a natural tendency to "front load" calories in the morning, which can lead to trouble if I get too snacky in the afternoon [...]


Banana Pancakes Make Me Happy

Morning, lovelies! How are you?  To be honest, I have the mid-week BLAHs.  I don't know if you could tell from my post last night, but I definitely was not feeling my normal chipper self.  Instead of wallowing in my misery as I typically allow myself to do, I decided to take action in THREE [...]


I Feel Lazy

Evening!  I sure feel lazy tonight.  Two days without a workout always makes me feel this way.  And watching The Biggest Loser isn't helping -- I'm laying in bed, and they are biking like maniacs! :)   I actually drove ALL over town tonight because I really wanted to buy Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, [...]


Hello! How goes it?  Things are trucking along today, as they always do.  Come on, 5:30!   My knees are still a little sore.  I've decided it was the pace of Sunday's 12.0 miler that did me in, NOT the distance.  This makes me feel better for my races this weekend, as I will just [...]


The Winners of the Stevia Giveaway are:   Emily from The Health Nut   and   An Apple a Day   Congrats ladies!  Emily won the Vanilla-flavored Stevia and An Apple a Day won the Regular Stevia.  Don't forget to check out our full line of natural sweeteners, which are all at least 10% off!  [...]

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