Natural Birth Control

On post-baby birth control   I really do feel like I’m in the homestretch now.  Only two weeks ‘til my due date, although I’m telling myself that I won’t go until at least 41 weeks so I don’t get too antsy.  Considering how fast the days go by, I have a feeling the next few [...]


I love doing these weekly updates.  It makes it feel like time is moving very quickly.  Heh.     (I promise that wear shirts beyond tanks but I think it’s good for comparison's sake to repeat outfits.)   I feel like something definitely happened this week.  I’m up three pounds, none of my pants have [...]


A few weeks ago, I was browsing the shelves at Earth Fare when I came across organic tampons.  “ORGANIC TAMPONS?!” I thought with a huff. “What are they going to think of next?” However, based upon my recent cervical dysplasia issues, I thought I should pick up a box.  I’m pretty much willing to try [...]


Necessary? Part IV

Two of my most popular series on this blog are my discussions about birth control and natural alternatives, and my experiences with abnormal pap smears.  Unfortunately, it’s time for an update on the latter topic.  That being said, I know this can be a squeamish topic for some.  In fact, I wanted to call this [...]


This post talks about my period and my sex life.  Therefore, if these issues make you squeamish or you’re my Dad, you’ve been forewarned.   If you’re new to the series or need a refresher:   Part I (February) – I began to have concerns that I’ve been on the Pill for “too long” and [...]


My, oh my – I left you hanging about one of my favorite non-food and fitness topics!  Where did we leave off?   Part I (February) – I began to have concerns that I’ve been on the Pill for “too long” and feared I won’t get my period if I go off of it after [...]

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