March 2013

Donkey Balls

Hah.  Thought I’d grab your attention with that blog title!  Let me explain. Donkey Balls – AKA Ladder Golf – is a very fun game.  There are two golf balls, connected by a string, and you throw it at a three-run ladder.  The balls have the wrap around the rung to count, and each rung [...]


Friday Night at 5 Church

Having friends in town is fun.  Don’t ever leave! Last night, we snagged a baby sitter (my mother-in-law) and headed out to 5 Church was Jen and Joe.  My brother-in-law, who works Uptown, ended up meeting up with us later.   5 Church is this very chic lounge / restaurant / bar in the center [...]



A bubble machine – the best $10 I ever spent.


A Better Sunflower Butter

Someone REALLY likes sunflower butter! Henry likes it, too.   In all seriousness, if I had to rank my favorite nut butters, it would go like this: I don’t think Nutella REALLY counts because the first ingredient is sugar.  To be a nut butter, your first ingredient must be a nut!  But Nutella is pretty [...]


Ironman March Check-In: Week 4

Almost done! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…  I am continuously amazed that some people do in a day what I’m attempting to complete in a month. I always knew the Ironman distance was intense – I’ve done a marathon, I’ve done a century bike ride – but now that I’m working [...]


A House of Guests and Two Random Debates

We’ve had so much fun hosting so many guests over the past week!  First, my middle and high school buddy Lisette, and her husband came to visit.  And now, the Husband’s best friend Joe and his fiancée are here. Henry gave me a serious run for my money last night – he’s so good for [...]


Ride From The Zombies

I’ve written a few times about how hard it is to make it to spin class.  And I don’t really enjoy riding in the immediate area surrounding my house (way too much traffic, not enough bike lanes).  A few people reminded me about my Bell Motivator, which was gathering dust in my garage.  See?  This [...]


PureGrit Review + The Coolest Job Ever

Here’s an awesome job:  Working for a big-brand running company like Brooks and being in charge of designing shoes and apparel – selecting colors and styles, determining where those pockets go, and even deciding the length of cute running tops. I recently had an opportunity to test out the new Brooks PureGrits and, in the [...]


Selecting a Better Sunscreen: For Baby

It’s that time of the year again – sunscreen time! Well, I guess we should all wear sunscreen year-round, but… you know what I mean.  Spring and summer definitely call for gobs and gobs of sunscreen.    I wanted to call your attention to a post that I wrote last year – Skin Deep – [...]


Under, Over

My first triathlon of the season is a pool tri.  I used to shy away from pool tris because I thought they weren’t as ‘hardcore’ as lake tris, but then I did one and realized that POOL TRIS ARE AMAZING!  They are just as challenging and fun, and you don’t smell like lake water during [...]


In Celebration of Salad Dressing

Let’s talk about salad dressings.  But not for salads.  For everything else. Salad dressings – in my humble opinion – are the best cooking shortcut in the entire world.  Need a marinade?  Salad dressing.  Need a sauce for that stir-fry?  Salad dressing.  Need a topping for that baked potato?  Salad dressing.  Need to add flavor [...]


Add, Not Subtract

I thought about doing a ‘clean eating’ challenge this week.  You see, I’ve kind of fallen off the healthy livin’ wagon. Traveling messed up my eating – my meals were super sporadic and definitely lacking vegetables.  I drank way too much coffee, too much wine, and not enough water.  I slept odd hours (really odd [...]


A Perfect Pair

Lunch at The Cowfish Lisette and Danny were a little amazed by the menu.  Sushi, burgers, burgshi (that’s burger ingredients in sushi form), milkshakes, appetizers, and even custom sushi rolls. Cowfish is so popular that we had a 20 minute wait at the very odd lunch hour of 2:30 PM.  We didn’t mind, though. Lisette [...]


All Hands on Deck

Lots changed while I was away!  The landscapers began our back deck, tearing off the top of the deck and extending it.  Oh, and Henry began to really, truly walk.  No big deal.  Henry has been extremely fascinated by the big boys in the back yard.  They cut down 25 bushes and trees, and then [...]

Healthy Tipping Point