What I Ate

What I Ate: here’s the Truth

When people ask me how the pregnancy is going, I have started to tell them the truth:  That I’m exhausted and miserable.  I have never felt soul-crushing exhaustion like I have this pregnancy.  I thought it was bad in the first trimester – it feels two times as bad now!  I know that you’re “suppose” [...]


What I Ate: Happy Day

I was driving to the grocery store and caught myself absolutely GRINNING from ear-to-ear.  I had such a happy day!  Nothing big happened; it was just a fun, relaxing, productive day. Toaster GF waffles with peanut butter, maple syrup, bananas and strawberries.   After breakfast, I went for a solo stroller run.  I don’t even [...]


What I Ate: My New Obsession

I kicked the morning off with this delicious green juice – I haven’t been really into juicing lately, but I was craving this!  It was good. And when everyone else woke up, I had the rest of my breakfast – eggs, spinach, and toast.  I am a total frozen spinach convert.  That stuff is amazing [...]


What I Ate: A Really Good Day

Yesterday was a really good day!  This was extra nice before the day before, well, sucked.  The entire family slept poorly – even Maggie! – and I was exhausted.  Add two major toddler temper tantrums (one in public because I removed Henry from the shopping cart… He doesn’t even LIKE the shopping cart!), and I [...]


What I Ate: That One Thing

Boiled egg and a half (shared with Henry) on toast with lots and lots of fruit.   After breakfast, Henry and I hung out with Julie! It was loads of fun. Not sure why Henry looks so scared / quiet in this photo. He was probably afraid Maggie was about to shove her tongue down [...]

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