December 2014

Good morning!   I had so much fun tallying up the votes for the Sweet Santa and Scary Santa 2014.  Here are the winners!   Natalie won the Sweet Santa category. And Ashton won the Scary Santa category.  Hah! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted.  As always – it was super fun!  Can’t wait [...]


Disney Surprise + My New Year’s Resolution

On Christmas morning, we woke up bright and early and headed into Disney! The decision to spend the holiday at Disney was completely spontaneous – and totally fun.  We decided to go down, packed the car that night, and left the next day!  We “planned” the trip from our phones in the car.      Henry [...]


Ho, Ho, Ho!

Happy Christmas!  Let me tell you what we did over the weekend.   We went to the Bank of America headquarters to see the Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra.  Apparently this is a Charlotte “thing” - Leonard and his animatronic orchestra give free daily performances of Christmas songs throughout the holidays. I thought Henry would enjoy [...]


Scary Santa 2014–The Finalists!

I really loved putting together the Sweet Santa Photo Contest post.  Now more than ever, I so appreciated seeing all the sweet babes with their wonderful holiday smiles.  That being said… there is something really, really funny about Scary Santa photos.  I’m sure Scary Santa pics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s kind of [...]


This post is sponsored by siggi's. If I were stuck on a deserted island and could only eat three foods for the rest of my life, they would be: peaches, chocolate, and Greek yogurt. I love yogurt - especially when it's paired with raw oatmeal (try it - I swear it's delicious) or crunchy granola. [...]


Sweet Santa 2014 – The Finalists!

Drum roll, please!  It’s time for Sweet Santa 2014.  Thanks to everyone who sent in their pictures.  It was so hard to choose finalists – every kiddo was so sweet.  <3  But I whittled it down to FIVE FINALISTS (which are at the end of the post), and I need your help choosing the winner.  [...]


Last Chance! + Cookie Recipes

Today (Sunday) is the last day to send in your Sweet Santa + Scary Santa entries.  You can read the official rules on this post.  I can’t wait to see your kiddos! While you’re waiting for the awesomeness that will be the Santa posts, here are some yummy cookie recipes to keep you busy in [...]


Your Choices Add Up

The tagline of Healthy Tipping Point is “When everyday decisions add up to something amazing.”  For years, I struggled with being healthy because I thought healthy = perfection.  If I wasn’t perfect (um, and who is?), I had “blown it.”  And then all hell broke loose.   Now, I realize that being healthy is about [...]


Get Organized

Good morning! Today’s goal is to organize my bedroom so it doesn’t look like a baby bomb went off.  I think if I just corral the dirty clothes, I’ll be light years ahead of the game…   I need to pull things together because my mom is leaving in the next few days – I [...]


Walk My Way Back

Over the weekend, I hit the stir-crazy point. I was SO sick of being in the house and on the couch – since leaving the hospital, I’ve only really left the house to drive Henry to school and take Claire to the doctor’s.  I truly thought I was going to lose my mind if I [...]


Cheesy Potato Frittata

The quest for healthy post-partum eats continues!  I don’t know how we’ve managed to swing it, but I swear that we’ve all been eating better in the two weeks since Claire was born than in the months before.  Too bad I can’t say the same for sleep…  One battle at a time, right? Over the [...]


Mind & Body After Baby: 9 Days

Last time, after giving birth to Henry, I wrote a Mind & Body After Baby series.  It seems like everyone really liked the balance between mental and physical health.  I’m so glad that you all liked the split between mental and physical health because, to me, that’s what being truly healthy is all about. I [...]



Hi, friends!  How are you?  Well, I’m having my first painfully sleepy day.  I am not really complaining because, well, I could’ve been painfully sleepy this whole time!  But Claire is proving to be a pretty great newborn sleeper, capable of a few long stretches at night.  We’re still working to sort out some of [...]


Claire was born on Tuesday, but her birth story started on Sunday. I woke up with spotting, and some Googling revealed it was probably my bloody show (which I never had with Henry). I always thought a “bloody show” was a one-time, dramatic thing, but mine was slow and light and lasted until Monday afternoon [...]

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