March 2010

All dressed up and no where to go!  :( I had glorious plans to meet with Katy for a beer tasting event after work, but I got into my car and my window was STUCK in the down position!  Uh oh!  I rushed to the mechanic and tried to get it fixed ASAP, but I [...]


Hills: They Do Exist

Who would’ve thought that all I needed to do was drive 30 miles west, and I’d find excellent hill training? (Same outfit as yesterday.  I did the wash and grabbed the first thing on top of the pile.  I swear!)   My Dad is doing the same Metric Century (100K) and Century (100 miles) that [...]


PB French Toast and Inspirational Quotes

Morning!  I woke up early to get some work done because I’m taking a “half day” to visit my Dad.  We’re meeting up for a bike ride!  Not sure how far we’re going to go.  If we do a long ride, this might be the last of my leg-related cardio for the week (I have [...]


African-Inspired Sweet Potato Soup

Another amazing use of the iPhone:  While at the grocery store, I can look up recipes people have emailed me.  I never, ever write down recipes or print them out, so I always end up forgetting about them at the store.  Thank goodness for technology, or I might have never made this wonderful soup, courtesy [...]


How to Roll a Wrap

Good afternoon! Megan and I went on a glorious bike ride this morning (we both decided we’d rather work in the evening and workout in the morning). We don’t bike on the sidewalk, we were just taking a breather.  We bike in the bike lane! We had a nice ride.  It was a little windy [...]


Race Announcement

Fun announcement at the end of the post!   But first: breakfast! I had a great, big bowl of pumpkin oatmeal this morning.  Extra portion because I’m going to leave on a bike ride soon with Megan (I’m swapping around my work day so I can ride with her and then be productive).    The [...]


Go James, Go!

My quest to make James into a super running pup continues. Because he’s little, I know James will never be able to go miles and miles.  But James is a dog with lots of energy and long legs, and I know he can safely work up to 2 or 3 slow miles.   I learned [...]


Bean and Olive Dip

Boy, oh boy!  Have I got a great – and simple – recipe to share with you! I was craving hummus, but we’re all out.  I decided to create my own version of a bean dip using a can of dark red kidney beans instead. Bean and Olive Dip   Ingredients (for 2 entree-sized servings [...]


Rain On My Roof

Did you miss… Oh She Glows in my apartment? My 15 mile trail run? My 40 mile bike ride? The Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 Vegan Around the World party?   Morning!  I had a wonderful night sleep, thanks in part to this little gadget: Last night, I downloaded the “Ambiance” app on my iPhone, browsed [...]


Epic Fail

(I’ve been waiting to name a post “Epic Fail!”)   The Husband and I went to visit Harry, our friend who used to live in our neighborhood and just recently moved 40 minutes south.  It’s a small residential town. Random side note:  On the way to dinner, the radio announced we were under tornado watch.  [...]


Thank You, Orange Shirt

WHEW!  That 40 miler was WAY harder than I expected it to be! It was very, very windy out (gusts of 20 mph!) and the first 9 miles of my ride were entirely into the wind.  I had to pull over a tweet a ‘help me!’ for extra motivation (thanks to everyone who responded!).  I [...]


The Other Purpose of Long Days

It’s my first LONG DAY for Century Training (a century is 100 miles, so I have a lot of work to do!).  Today, I am riding 40 miles, which I expect to take  me a little less than 3 hours.   Long days (whether it’s running, biking, or something else) serve two purposes in my [...]


Real Good Food, Real Good Friends

I had the BEST day of eats!  I feel like I ate gourmet all day, especially for dinner, which was a special FoodBuzz event hosted by Ryan and Lindsey.   First things first – an amazing, veggie-packed lunch. I think I’m turning a corner on vegetables, by the way!  I used to not be the [...]


I’ll Make a Runner Out of You Yet, James!

My two little puppies are great, but I would love a third – BIG – dog!  I always imagine running with a big dog.  How fun would that be?   I’ve been trying to build up James’s endurance for the last few weeks.  Kind of like Couch to 5K for humans.  We’re doing the Puppy [...]

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