September 2010

Car Food

Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?    Let’s sing to make the time pass more quickly. Did it work?   I think it did!   Through the Sunshine State and pass the Georgia Peaches – we’re officially home in Charlotte, North Carolina!  YAY!  OH, how I missed my house, [...]


I’m currently driving back to Charlotte from Florida.  Here’s a great success story from fellow blogger Cynthia.  Enjoy!   Cynthia wrote, “I was a heavy teen and twenty-something but never remember weighing myself. I knew I was bigger than most people my age and was miserable but didn’t want to do anything about it. While [...]


Six Secrets About Me

Secret #1:  I would use pretty plates and arrange my food in appealing ways even if I didn’t have a food blog.  When your food looks pretty, I swear it tastes better.  And then my mouth, mind, and tummy are satisfied. Secret #2:  I am 100% convinced that James understands English.  Therefore, I have conversations [...]


Weed Eat Yoga

The weeding is done; the family crisis has (mostly) passed; and I practiced yoga on my own, in a guest room, with the lights turned off.  I feel so much better already! First things first:  I gave the Husband a very good idea of what I might look like in 30 years if I ever [...]


A Morning Drive

Sorry for the delay; I woke up and decided to drive to visit my Grandpa.  It was two hours away, and we only got to visit for 45 minutes or so, but it was well worth it. Before I left:  Greek yogurt, cereal, fruit, and almonds: And on the way back, I stopped at a [...]


Atlantic Grille

Date night! And BOY did we need it!  The Husband worked all day at the Florida clinic, and I spent SIX HOURS doing serious manual labor in the garden.  This was not your mama’s weeding.  This was back-breaking gardening.  I took more than 14 huge garbage bags of trimming to the trash.   The result [...]


Weeding Away

I must say – the Workout Protein Pancake was quite the breakfast for my 10.25 mile run this morning!  It did sit a little heavy in my stomach for the first few miles, but nothing traumatic or really dissimilar to my normal breakfast.   I went to a new path that runs along the ocean [...]


Workout Protein Pancake

Before a long run, I strive to eat a 400 – 500 calorie breakfast (+ a post-run breakfast) to ensure I have the necessary energy to get through my workout.  By the time I wake up, I haven’t eaten anything for at least 9 hours, and my tummy is typically growling.  I do believe you [...]


A Good Run

I didn’t leave on my run until nearly 7:45 PM.  The sun was already setting softly behind the dark and dense Floridian forest that’s situated right behind my in-laws’ house.  I vaguely thought, “Hey, it’s getting pretty dark out there, and I’m not wearing my light” – I have a flashing light I clip onto [...]



Spent some time this afternoon reading some Walt Whitman. How I feel about blogging:   And they say poetry doesn’t apply to modern life!  We all go through the same stuff – why shouldn’t we share our experiences?  It helps me anyway.   Mid-morning, I snuck into Starbucks and grabbed a special treat: I debated [...]


The Small Things

Catching up on weekend posts?   #1:  Check out my Singapore-inspired dish for Project Food Blog!  VOTE HERE by clicking the red heart. #2: A reader named Erica shared her Healthy Tipping Point Success Story!   #3: I survived a really crappy 16.0 mile long run.   #4:  As a result of a family emergency, [...]


Dinner By Me

I must create this smoothie at home! In the mix (from an organic corner shop):   Bananas PB Vanilla Protein Ice   So simple and yet so good! I did some shopping with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (guess what?  There are no winter coats in Florida shops – who would’ve thought?!).   And then I decided [...]


Project Food Blog Challenge #2

Lasagna, enchiladas, crepes – oh my.  I love creating and eating classic dishes from other countries, but to be honest, I’ve never ventured far past the “usual suspects…” until now.       Here is my entry for Challenge #2 of Project Food Blog – my twist on a classic ethnic dish.   BFF Lauren recently [...]


Morning!  Alright – so maybe three glasses of wine + two desserts was not the best thing for me to eat right before bed.  I’ve cleaned up my diet considerably since getting serious about the marathon, and the alcohol + sugar overload from last night kept me up for hours.  Ugh.  I’ve learned my lesson [...]

Healthy Tipping Point