June 2010

A Better Spaghetti

We’re off on a two-week long Pennsylvania tour extravaganza!  We’re going to back-to-back weddings, so my mom will be dogsitting Maggie and James.    From Charlotte to Knoxville, it’s a short four hour drive!  I’m so happy to be closer to mom. Before our trip, I had a slice from that sourdough loaf that Matt brought [...]


Change for the Feta!

Our fridge is bare (and there’s no point in restocking because we’re going out of town for the rest of the week) so we hit up a nearby deli for lunch. This is no regular deli – oh no!  Not just sliced meat and cheese; there’s actually five or six vegetarian sandwiches offered, and the [...]


My Former Life as an Urban Planner

I was the first one up by HOURS and decided to squeeze in a medium-pace “longer” run per my training plan.  We had a rainy night and the grass was covered in dew this morning – perfect running weather! I am so happy to report that I’m within running distance to a large park and [...]


Hangry Pants and KERF

FINALLY – a dinner with my friends! After days of feeling like go-go-go, it was so nice to sit down with two of my favorite blog girls plus their male counterparts. Before we met up, the Husband and I put together our bed and then cracked open a bottle of wine as a congrats.  Check out [...]


Organization Central

How to turn a tiny closet into a massive hidden storage area:   We invested in a ton of hanging closet organizers (an idea I got from Young House Love, but on a smaller scale) so we could transform a single rack closet into a place for jeans, shirts, and shoes. Nifty, huh?  At the [...]



Morning!  :)  I hate to complain on the blog (because who likes to read about how stressed out someone else is?) but ya’ll know I’ve got to keep it real.  I am SO stressed out.  My mother-in-law told me this morning that moving is one of life’s most stressful events, third only to death and [...]


Out of Wack

I feel so out of wack.  My house is in shambles, I’m exhausted, and I missed my window to exercise today.  I’d love to get back into a normal routine – perhaps tomorrow?   Before I was a regular exerciser, I never understood people who ‘craved’ exercise.  But once you get into the habit, it [...]


Our New Place

Hello!  I don’t think I’ve got this long without blogging… well, since I started to blog!  Even on my honeymoon.  :)  Stuff has been crazy, but it’s also been great.  I’ll catch you up!   We left Florida around noon on Sunday after watching England get kicked out of the World Cup (boo).   The drive [...]


We’re Here!

Just wanted to say we arrived in Charlotte! We're curled up on an air mattress, and I'm blogging from my iPhone. I am so excited to be in our new place. :). We get Internet between 9 - 11 AM so I'll see you then with a photo tour!


Beautiful Florida

Last night, I joked that moving counts as cardio – but I take that back!  Moving counts as cardio AND strength training.  When I woke up this morning, my arms, back, abs, and legs were absolutely screaming.  I felt like I had ran 22.0-miles and then lifted weights for two hours.  Ouch!   However, I [...]


Moving Counts as Cardio

Whoop, whoop!  After 7+ hours of packing and cleaning, we’re finally resting happily at my in-laws’ (1.5 hours north of Orlando). It was truly a long, long day!  Let’s get this recap started…   Woke up early with a bit of a hangover from our going away party.  When will I ever learn that 1 [...]


Don’t Cry Because It’s Over

Smile because it happened.  :)  Corny but true.  I’ll miss Orlando, Florida.  I made some really excellent friends here.  :(   We all went t o my favorite outdoor restaurant in the city, Relax Cafe in the middle of downtown Orland. A big group of my blog friends and the Husband’s school friends came to [...]


Orlando Races

It feels for real now – the kitchen is being packed! I ended up making us the same dinner I had on Wednesday for lunch.  Our fridge and pantry are definitely looking bare! Lunch was ravioli, zucchini, and artichoke pasta.  To see how you can cook canned artichokes without them tasting all oily, check out [...]


The Caffeinated Runner

Morning!  I woke up early so I could go on one last run in Orlando – for now!  (I’m sure I’ll come back and run races.)  I was feeling pretty nostalgic as I ran my 3.0-mile loop.   I wonder how many times I ran it over the last three years? Unfortunately, it wasn’t my BEST [...]

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