July 2011

Assault on Cherokee Tri Relay Race Recap

A tri relay is kind of like a regular Olympic triathlon – a 1300 meter swim, a 28 mile bike, and a 10K run – but instead of doing the entire race solo, you run it with one or two teammates! Well, in our case, we ran with a total of FOUR teammates because…   [...]


Fur Kids at FABO

We brought the fur kids to FABO today.  I love that you can bring pets (dogs or cats!) to this local coffeehouse/art gallery!  And trust me, James loves it too. Maggie… not so much.  She gets frightened when people come over to pet her, and every time the door opens, she tries to run away.  [...]


Little Blooms

We spent the morning debating moving vans.  My in-laws have only moved up half their stuff; they are truly moving from Florida to Charlotte in ten days or so.  They have so much stuff, they have to make multiple van trips!  The Husband is even flying down next week to help pack up everything and [...]


Table 274

We are on fire tonight.   Very wild Friday!  PetSmart, Marshall’s… And now we’re on the couch, watching The Kids Are Alright.  So far, its really good!   Naw, we did actually get out of the house and did something fun tonight.  For once, Friday is the beginning of a true weekend for us – no [...]


July Superlatives

My favorite design blog, Young House Love, just did a fun July Superlatives post of their most useful and memorable posts from the last month.  Fun!  I thought I’d steal borrow the idea since the goodies always tend to get buried.    Can you believe it’s almost AUGUST?   The Holy Hell Too Much Information [...]


Peas and Thank You Book Tour

Morning!  Let’s keep it simple this morning.  After all, I totally overslept and am still in my pajamas, despite the fact that I have to leave for work in twenty minutes… Eck! I am so glad I watched this YouTube video on How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs because my scrambled eggs are now SO [...]


Bun and Burger

Big Daddy’s really does make the very best bar food in all of Charlotte.  Yum, yum. I met up with Katy and Jen for a girls’ night out.  I really looked forward to our date all day – it’s nice to have something fun planned for right after work, isn’t it?   I got the [...]


Lunch + Dash

Confession:  I actually DID go back to sleep after my workout this morning.   Don’t hate me.  Please.  I’ll pay for the loss of work hours later, trust me.   Short on time = a fast lunch.  This was deeeelicious. Last night, my mother-in-law and I were at the grocery store, and she kept picking [...]


Double Whammy

I completely blew off my Tuesday and Wednesday workouts.  Life – and work – just got in the way.  Also, I was feelin’ pretty lazy.  I’ll admit it.  But laziness is NOT an option at this point!  My Olympic triathlon is in just over a week.  And trust me – I do not feel prepared! [...]


Two Years of My Life in iPhone Photos

Ever wonder what a stranger would think if they looked at all the photos on your cell phone?   Here’s what I learned about myself from flipping through 936 iPhone photos, taken over the last two years: My dad has a sweet bike. I sleep like a corpse. I post a LOT of Operation Beautiful [...]


Keepin’ Race Costs Down

I must say… I love reading the responses to The Shower Curtain Debate.  And although I’m still on Team Closed Curtain, I have to agree with a very valid point from Team Open Curtain – if it’s open, you know for sure that no zombies are hiding behind it!   Lunch was simple and delicious: [...]


The Shower Curtain Debate

Breakfast was pretty simple – a bowl of cereal: So let me tell you a funny story.  And then, we’ll have a great debate!   This weekend, we moved our friend Isaac into Nicole’s apartment – AKA his wife’s (legally but not spiritually) place.  It was pretty cute to be there for such a momentous [...]


Creamy and Dreamy Roasted Chickpeas

Looking for a quick dinner?  This is it!  20 minutes from fridge to table.  And heck, it tastes pretty amazing, too.  Chickpeas taste so wonderful when roasted in a marinade, and I love this particular one so much because there are so many competing – but complementary – flavors, like lemon, maple syrup, and rosemary. [...]


Wetty or Not, Here I Come!

Hello! Whew.  It’s been a wild day.  You know that feeling – that the day has just gotten away from you?  Yup.  That’s how I’m feeling right now!   Exiling myself to Starbucks seems to be drastically improving productivity.  Especially because I brought a yummy salad to snack on: Well – I should say that [...]

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