August 2011

Edit ‘Til I Sleep

I love her to bits and piece, but seriously – is this not the most vacant puppy face you’ve ever seen? The lights are on, but no one is home.  A few fries short of a Happy Meal.  The gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the train isn't coming.  The driveway doesn't [...]


Back in September 2010, my friend Jen asked me if I would like to co-coach a Girls on the Run troop.  I said, “Sure!” because the program combined my two favorite things:  running and building self-esteem.     Girls on the Run is a 12-week program for third – fifth graders.  Over the course of [...]


Quiet and Simple

I’m really lovin’ this song lately: You’ll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I’m here, I’m now, I’m ready   It’s been a quiet, simple morning over here.  Lots of music.  Lots of green tea-drinking.  Lots of writing.  A little puppy-walking.  James has the most disproportionately [...]


Refried Bean Frittata

I am not sure whether to be intrigued by this or totally weirded out.  Dinner, obviously, included eggs.  Feathery eggs.   But no feathers made it into the final dish.   But first:   Books were written.  Patients were scheduled.  Conference calls were had.  Errands were run.  Operation Beautiful notes were posted. Smoothies were consumed.  I’m [...]


One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Last August, I was spending a lot of time doing my favorite thing – running! I was training for my second marathon (which, please excuse me while I dust my shoulders off, I crushed), and many, many hours each week were dedicated to training, stretching, and fueling with one goal in mind: 26.2 miles.    [...]


Bzzz Bzzz Breakfast

You know what I miss about being a kid?  Crafting at school.  If I wore a bee hat and ran around screaming, “Bzzz! Bzzz!” I would be locked up in a padded room.  The world needs more bee hats.  And bzzzing instead of talking should be socially acceptable.  Because I don’t know about you, but [...]


Speed It Up

Another run with the Husband. I am definitely the runner in the relationship – Kristien prefers to golf or play team sports.  But every now and then, he goes with me for a run, and I love it so much… except when he pulls ahead and makes me work oh-so-hard.    Can I just say [...]


Bee Careful

We were on a stroll with our walking buddy when James suddenly dropped to the ground and started to frantically scratch his face.  There was a wasp on his nose!  Within minutes, it started to swell up.   And I started to freak out.   His snout normally looks nice and smooth, like this: I checked [...]


Change in the Air

Is this really happening? I think it is!  August 29 and the trees on my street are already beginning to turn. Are you ready for cooler temperature, pumpkin treats, and darker evenings?  I sure am!  Change is good.    In fact, I’m all about the change.  Healthy Tipping Point is getting a makeover in the [...]


Healthy on the Highway

Hurricane Irene did manage to rain on our bachelorette parade, but we still had fun. The rain and winds really began to pick up around 10 PM in Philadelphia last night, so we opted to just stay put.  Trooping around Center City and bar hopping just didn’t seem like a very smart idea.   So, [...]



If rain on your wedding day is good luck, than a hurricane on your bridal shower must be an excellent omen. For a while, we weren’t sure Lauren’s shower was going to happen.  But everyone rallied together to show her a good time.   When I grow up, I want to throw people fancy parties [...]


Come On, Irene

Batten down the hatches!  Hurricane Irene seems pretty intent on raining on Lauren’s bachelorette weekend. We just decided to move her shower up by a few hours so everyone can safely drive in and get out before the rain comes.  No one wants to cancel because Lauren doesn’t even live in the USA anymore, and [...]


Tria for Lauren

A hurricane cannot stop the celebration! Welcome back to Philly, friends.    The flight up here was pretty uneventful… Except for when I feel asleep against the window and had this TERRIBLE dream that I couldn’t wake up and couldn’t catch my breath.  For a moment, in my dream, I thought it was reality and [...]


In The Air Again

I have a confession.  Let me preface my confession by saying that I am not normally a judgy-wudgy kind of person. However, for years, I have judged women who wear high heels to the airport.  “What are they THINKING?!” I would internally rant.  “High heels are so uncomfortable.  Why inflict that kind of ankle pain [...]

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