July 2012


In the battle of IKEA Furniture v. Me, I think the side table is winning. I put about 15 minutes of valiant effort in last night and didn’t get very far at all.  But tonight… tonight, I shall succeed.    Second win of the day was a win on my behalf – this dinner. The [...]


Olympic Meltdowns

Is everyone enjoying the Olympics?  I’m obsessed.  So far, I’ve watched a ton of swimming and gymnastics, as well as some table tennis and weightlifting.  But I’m most excited for the triathlon, which will take place on August 4 and 7.  Go Team USA! Source   Equally exciting: a full fridge.  Aren’t meals so much [...]


Everyone talks about how mommas-to-be experience an urge to ‘nest’ right before their baby comes – and part of this nesting phenomenon is buying baby gear.  I know that I really worried about buying all the right gadgets and gizmos – as well as the right necessities, too.  Being stocked up and supplied makes you [...]


Stalled Out

First things first:  Is this not the creepiest of all creepy rest stop bathrooms? The creepiness was compounded by the fact that the door didn’t lock.  And to think – I was hoping they had a changing table in there!  Oh lord.   Well, that may be the grossest picture that I’ve ever opened a [...]


Training Entirely Indoors: Is It Wise?

A few months after I first got into running, I decided to run a 10K.  Now, I only had one friend who ran regularly and hadn’t discovered the wonderful world of blogs, so I didn’t have many resources on training.  I just winged it, slowly increasing my mileage bit by bit until race day.  One [...]


Adults’ Night Out

Last night, the Husband and I hit the town.  Solo. MomHTP served as our first babysitter.  We were a bit nervous to leave Henry, of course, but we also knew it would be just fine – obviously, she knows how to successfully keep a baby alive!  Kristien and I made a promise to each other [...]


Carport Lunch

Eating meals out on the carport – is this a down South thing?  I have so many memories of my Grandpa Jakie Baby eating tomatoes (whole, like apples) and cloves of garlic (“To put hair on your chest!”) out on his carport.  And we still gather on carports to this very day.  I guess dining [...]


Knox by Night

How many things do two adults, one baby, and two crazy puppies need for a two-day trip to grandma’s house?  Uh.  A lot.  We’re talking about:  a bassinet, a Boppy pillow, a ton of diapers, a stroller, a car seat, a breast pump and bottles, a dog bed, dog food and toys, our luggage, a [...]


Olympics Watch Party

Anyone else host an Olympics watch party last night? I was a little doubtful of the opening ceremonies at first, but the organizers proved me wrong.  It was awesome – like a West End production.  Although… I am questioning the face dresses the ladies who accompanied the national teams wore (I guess you would’ve had [...]


Whew.  That post title is a mouthful!  But it’ll all make sense in a few…   My day has been jam-packed with work.  It’s my day on the job (the Husband stays home on Fridays so I can work), and I’ve been frantically plowing through my list of To Do’s.  I did take a lunch [...]


Anne P’s Peanut Butter Bars

Let me wax poetic about Anne P’s Peanut Butter Bars for a moment.   These homemade bars have fueled the Husband and I through the last six weeks.  Twice a week, I make a huge double batch, and we eat the bars for breakfasts and snacks.  I’ve made the recipe so many times that I [...]


At-Home Strength

It’s not exactly a secret that I… hate… strength… training.  I know, I know.  Women should strength train.  We need it.  Increases bone density, protects against injury, blah blah blah.  Still – I hate it.  I can run (in theory…) for miles and miles, but convincing myself to do 10 sit-ups is like pulling teeth.  [...]


Our fifth and final debate of the week!  Our previous debates included: Do you acknowledge strangers when exercising outdoors?, When on a run, do you do a little jig at red lights or come to a complete stop?, Do you secretly race others at the gym?, and No Men Allowed:  What do you think about [...]


Goodbye Bunnies

When you are really stressed, what quirky thing makes you feel better?  For me, it’s vacuuming the floors.  Parenthood is definitely a battle against my perfectionistic tendencies, and I swear, I’ve really let the floors go (by my crazy standards) since Henry was born.  DadHTP stopped by to play with the baby, and I used [...]

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