May 2011

Oh, Happy Day

Thank you, thank you for your kind donations!  As of right now, Tonya, her husband, and their two children have received $5,919 in donations.  It was AMAZING to watch the donations roll in.  I never could’ve predicted the positive response.  Tonya says thank you!   If you can believe it, my day included a trip [...]


Lost and Found in the Garden

On Sunday, the Husband and I went for a bike ride.  As we wheeled our bikes out to the street, we stopped to say a quick hello to my neighbor, Tonya.  Tonya is 32 years old and is the mother of two beautiful little boys who are 2 and 3 years old.  She also happens [...]


Stop Cursing Challenge Update

Good morning!   I hope you had a nice Memorial Day if you celebrate.  We spent the day playing, working, and relaxing.  I took my laptop to the driving range so I could write while the Husband golfed.  I grabbed a beer from the club – so refreshing.  Writing + beer = my two favorite [...]


Double Trouble

I am really enjoying my double workouts for sprint triathlon training.  In fact, I think I’d rather do a double run/bike than one long run.  If anything, being injured and fighting for a comeback for the umpteenth time has really solidified the fact that my body NEEDS cross training.   The Husband joined me for [...]


I <3 Coffee

Good morning!  Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans, especially the men and women in the armed forces.   Here’s something small that is having a hugely positive impact on my mood:  Gardenias!  The other night, I cut a bunch of lovely white gardenias off a big bush in front of my house and arranged [...]


Sunday Evening

Thank you so much for your suggestions on freezable, kid-friendly meals for my neighbor and her family!  They need a helping hand so I’m going to try to make a dish each week for them.    I ended up making this wonderful Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower, suggested by Jessica.  I doubled the recipe and [...]


Rise and Sunday

Before I tell you about my morning, I need a favor.  I want to make a few freezable meals for my neighbors, a husband and wife with two little boys who are two and three years old.  I love children but aren’t sure what little boys eat!  Obviously, I’d like it to be healthy; it [...]


Girls and Boys

Last night was a late night for the boys and the girls. The Husband had a party for the Manchester United v. Barcelona game (we were cheering for Man U so we’re pretty disappointed by the outcome).  It was a ‘boys only’ party so I helped him clean the house and set up before I [...]


Wake Up and Run

I had quite the pleasant surprise this morning – the Husband made me breakfast in bed.  Such a nice gesture.  I love eating in bed. That little glass of brown-orange liquid is my B Vitamins!   He made eggs on toast with spinach, plus an orange. I took advantage of the fact that I didn’t [...]


Wine a Little

Sometimes, declaring my intention to workout on the blog actually motivates me to do it, which is why I wrote this morning that I’d be swimming 1,000 yards this afternoon.  And sometimes, public declarations mean absolutely nothing.  Heh.  I try.   So – here’s what happened.  I had all the best intentions to swim, but [...]


For Your Reading Pleasure…

Can someone explain something to me? How come I proactively decided to give myself a break and take yesterday afternoon and evening off, sat on the porch and listened to music, read a book, got takeout, and felt oh-so-relaxed… but then those feelings simply do NOT transfer over to the next workday!?  It’s like I [...]


Sleepy Stretch

Good morning.  Happy Friday! I’m excited for the holiday weekend, although it doesn’t mean much with our work schedules.  Still – I feel like this is the “real” start to SUMMER! Per my Tri Training Plan, I hauled my butt to hot yoga this morning at 6:30 AM.  Thankfully, Nicole came with me; otherwise, I’m [...]


Sprint Triathlon Training Plan (Sort of)

Ooooh yeah.  I’m back on track. Signed up for a triathlon, doin’ my exercise as I should, and getting excited.   Look – I even have a mini-training plan!  It’s a ‘sort of’ training plan because it’s only three weeks long. My race is in sixteen days (ahh), but I’ve been slowly building a base [...]


Staybridge Breakfast

Morning!  After fishing my contacts out of their temporary home in hotel room coffee mugs (don’t judge!)… I got dressed in the same clothes as yesterday – ick! – and headed downstairs to the Staybridge Suites breakfast.   Interesting factoid about Staybridge Suites:  Remember when I blogged about the book Nickel and Dimed, which addresses [...]

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