July 2009

Shar Pei Knees, 7.0 Miles, and PIZZA!

I went on THE BEST RUN I've had in more than 3.0 months!  I tackled 7.0 miles and I felt so strong the entire time.  This run was unique because I was trying out Kinesio Taping, which my physical therapist did this afternoon.   As the PT put it, kenesio taping gives you Shar Pei [...]


Something New – Kinesio Taping

Last time I was at the physical therapist's office, I spotted this book:  I've always been curious about Kinesio Taping so I stopped by the office this afternoon and asked them to tape up my knees! (I was at a stoplight).   Going on a 6 miler right now -- will be back with my [...]


Rumbly Tummy

Return of the GREEN MONSTER! I've been relying on Amazing Grass for my green smoothie fix, but real GMs are so much better.  Amazing Grass is great in a pinch, though!   My GREEN MONSTER contained:   2 cups kale 1 cup unsweet almond breeze 1 banana 1 tablespoon flax   However, the GREEN MONSTER [...]


Mountain of Blueberries

I decided to skip my morning run for two reasons:   My knees are a little sore from last night's speedwork session, which I anticipated.  They certainly aren't as bad as they used to be, though!  Should be fine by this afternoon. We had NO fruit in the house - grocery emergency!   So, I [...]


Holy Speedwork

I did a great SPEEDWORK session this evening!   I was so excited to have some free time this evening (no work, YAY!) that I positively tore out of my house!   It was a very unstructured speedwork session -- normally, I try to do 8:00 min/miles for rotating 0.25-mile intervals, but it's been so long [...]


Doing It Right

If you're coming over from iVillage, welcome to my personal blog!  :)  If you're looking for Operation Beautiful, check it out here.   I got my day started with a wonderful bowl of banana oatmeal, flax, and blackberries! For lunch, the quest to find fun ways to eat veggie burgers continues!  In case you're wondering, [...]


I’m a Poet, and I Didn’t Even Know It

One year ago, on this very day, I opened my laptop and started to blog away.   I blogged about running and staying fit, And then I married a lovely Brit. We went to California and drank lots of wine. Even on my honeymoon, I blogged the whole time. I wrote about each and every [...]


Breaking Glass

First things first - the winners of the Shoewallet giveaway!   Petite Noonie said... I'm totally embarrassed to admit that I don't carry any identification with me when I work out.. i usually go for long (1.5 hour) walks though a wooded area that involves me crossing a few busy streets. If anything were to [...]


2 Fun Giveaways!

The quest to find a good usage for Dr. Praeger's Organic Veggie Burgers continues!  This burgers are really great and cheap (I got them at Costco), but they fall apart when you unfreeze them.  Instead of fighting the burgers, I decided to make it into a stir fry. Brown rice, asparagus, and crumbled veggie burger.  [...]


Flax and Coconut French Toast

Good morning!  I woke up to find this funny note from the Husband.  Can you catch the COLLEGE FOOTBALL reference? That man breathes Miami Hurricane football.   Breakfast was delicious and very indulgent! I made Flax and Coconut French Toast with whole wheat bread.  Ohmigod this was sooooo good. Plus blackberries! This was a pretty [...]


An Embarrassing Question

Good evening! I've had a wild and crazy day, but it's been a GOOD day and that's all I can ask for.   Maggie hung out with me all day.  One of the best things about working from home is hanging out with my little margarine stick. I felt like a BOTTOMLESS PIT today.  I [...]


Introducing Janel!

Good afternoon!  I wanted to share this lovely Operation Beautiful story with you:   Paige wrote, "I have an Operation Beautiful experience that not only changed my day, but changed my outlook. I’d been having such a blah weekend and Monday, and finally decided to post an Operation Beautiful note. I posted it at work, [...]


20 Minute Dance Party

I had a dance party in my living room this morning!  Jazz hands! I set my alarm for 20 minutes early and did a fun routine in my living room.  This is actually my first week of MARATHON training (it's a 26 week program; I'll post soon) and I'm trying to stay as active as [...]


Gorgeous Sunset

The Healthy Living Summit Charity Auction is over!  The winner has been contacted and she'll be announced after she makes her charitable donation to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.   Thank you for bidding! :)   It was a gorgeous evening in Central Florida! But I was very busy.   Getting back to work is HECTIC!  [...]

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