Project Food Blog

Project Food Blog Challenge #3

Let’s get this Dinner Party started! Thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for me to advance to Round 3 of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog.  I’m having so much fun creating new and delicious recipes for the contest!   The theme of Challenge #3 was “Luxury Dinner Party.”  To be honest, I am not [...]


Project Food Blog Challenge #2

Lasagna, enchiladas, crepes – oh my.  I love creating and eating classic dishes from other countries, but to be honest, I’ve never ventured far past the “usual suspects…” until now.       Here is my entry for Challenge #2 of Project Food Blog – my twist on a classic ethnic dish.   BFF Lauren recently [...]


Project Food Blog Challenge #1

Let’s get this challenge started! Project Food Blog is Foodbuzz’s newest foodie challenge that will last until December 13th!  It’s kind of like Iron Chef meets Project Runway… a reality show for the bloggers!  Over the course of ten challenges, the Foodbuzz publishing network + YOUR VOTES will whittle down the entries to one Foodbuzz [...]

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