January 2015

I <3 Vega One

My workout yesterday included twenty minutes of jumping on the bed (this is way harder than it sounds!)… And 35 minutes on the trainer. My bike!  Such a beauty.  I haven’t sat on her since October 2013 when I did my Half Ironman.  Which feels like it was forever ago AND like it was just [...]


Would I Eat My Placenta Again?

I got an email last week from a reader named Hannah.  She asked:   I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience with placenta encapsulation this second time around.  I know your births with both Henry and Claire were very different, but do you think there have been any noticeable differences in [...]


Spinach and Artichoke Greek Yogurt Muffins

I have the Wednesday sleepies... Good thing I have an awesome recipe to share!   This is a twist on last week’s Quinoa, Bean, and Greek Yogurt Muffins.  The recipe format is basically the same, but this is a yummy Spinach and Artichoke flavored mini casserole!  Spinach and Artichoke Greek Yogurt Muffins   Ingredients (for [...]


One Book a Week

My New Year’s Resolution is to read a book every single week for the entire year – that’s a grand total of 52 books.  So far, I’m on track – although I occasionally end up “cramming” on Tuesday and Wednesday nights! However, I have managed to read four books in four weeks.  And it’s been [...]


So clichéd but so true – time really starts to fly when you have kids!  Can you believe Claire was born two months ago? It’s been a really wonderful two months!  A friend asks me how I was feeling about going from one kid to two, and my response is that I feel like Claire [...]


Awesome Things About This Weekend

My kids slept like champions. In turn, I slept like a champion.   We bought a giant chocolate bar. Kristien and I tried to play Trivial Pursuit… But quickly realized that we lack the knowledge required to play such a game and switched to Monopoly.  I lost. I bought this lovely body cream.  It smells [...]


Just to celebrate Friday, I have a great giveaway for you from White Plum, an online vintage-inspired boutique filled with fun, affordable clothing. I’ll called White Plum leggings “the perfect leggings,” and I really mean it.  Comfy, thick, and stylish – I absolutely love their fleece leggings.  But their printed leggings are just as awesome!   [...]


Thursday Randomness

Last Week’s Workouts  (better late than never, right?)   Monday – Rest Tuesday – 2.2 mile run Wednesday – 3.25 mile run Thursday – Rest Friday – Rest Saturday – 4.0 mile RACE! Sunday – PiYo workout while the kiddos were sleeping.  I got through 20 minutes before I thought the kids were waking up. [...]


Day in the Life: Henry Day

This past Sunday was a fun Day in the Life for me to record because it was my “Henry Day.”  The Husband and I really want to make an effort to do things alone with each kid – not just when they are little, but when they are bigger, too.  Obviously, Claire doesn’t appreciate this [...]


This post is sponsored by Bombas. You don’t need much to be a runner.  A pair of sneakers and some comfy clothes and you’re off.  But to take it to the next level, it definitely helps to have some running-specific gear.  So here’s a list of a few of my favorite running items.  I have [...]


Spontaneous decision this weekend – I decided to run a race! My friend Brandi and her husband Jay were doing the Charlotte Health and Fitness 4 Miler.  On Friday night, she invited me to tag along.  After walk/running 4 miles last weekend, I knew I’d be able to complete the race… plus, I really needed [...]


Newborn Baby Gear

One thing I’ve noticed about Round 2 – we use a lot less stuff.  Maybe Claire is just an ‘easier’ baby (true) or maybe we’re just more low-maintenance in general (definitely true, too).  But there are some things that I can’t imagine getting through each day without.  Here’s a list of the gear we love! [...]


This Week’s Book a Week

I recently realized the secret to super savory mini casseroles is to add a LOT of plain Greek yogurt. It adds so much zing and flavor.  I made these last night and have munched on them as both a dinner and breakfast entrée. I'm going to double check this recipe to formerly share next week, [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

Wahoo!  Back at it.  I was feeling rather enthusiastic this week. I did a lot of running and a little something new, too – PiYo!  I’m really excited about how good I feel.  My first run really wiped me out (I crashed HAAARD that night at 8:30) but now that I’ve adjusted, I’m feeling energized [...]

Healthy Tipping Point