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The End

When I was 24 years old, I wrote my very first post.  I said hello, uploaded a picture of my dog, and said I wanted to share things that I was passionate about.   And for 7.5 years, I did – and it was so good for me.  This blog challenged me to figure out who [...]


My Favorite Pregnancy, Baby, + Toddler Posts

How I Stop Temper Tantrums (this trick still works very, very often!) Post-Birth Review of Bradley Method Natural Birth Classes The Case for Waiting (to find out the baby's sex) Henry’s Birth Story, Part I and Part II Claire’s Birth Story Why I’m Stopping Breastfeeding Henry, Stopping Exclusively Pumping, Part I, and Stopping EP, Part II Breastfeeding Claire [...]


I <3 Frozen Veggies

I have gotten SO into frozen veggies.  They are so quick and easy (no chopping, no mess) and way cheaper than buying the organic fresh produce. Plus - they help make awesome omelets... or messy eggs when I forget to mix the eggs before pouring them into the pan.  Ha!  When I have two kids [...]


10 More Things I Want to Do in 2015

Can you believe it’s November 4?  I can’t.  Where is the year going?!  Here are 10 things I want to do before 2015 is just a memory.   Finish all the books on my side table.  I started off very strong with Book a Week but am definitely not going to finish 52 books this [...]


Should I get a Treadmill?

Did you have a great Halloween?  We sure did! Halloween is shaping up to be one of my favorite kiddo holidays.  I absolutely love going trick or treating with everyone!  Claire enjoyed sitting in the stroller and waving “hi!” to everyone.  And Henry LOVED going door to door with his friends.  A bunch of our [...]


Peanut Butter Cup Mousse

This recipe is a HUGE hit in my house. I kept meaning to share but forgot over and over - probably because I'm too busy licking a spoon. It turns out that, if you mix peanut butter and Greek yogurt, this wonderfully fluffy "mousse" is created! Add in a little cocoa powder, a splash of [...]


Fun Stuff {Minus a Cold}

Good morning!  It was an early one in the Boyle household (but, then again, it usually is!). It’s so weird to see Claire standing all the time now… Or zombie-style walking towards me (know what I mean? That early baby walk always reminds me of a zombie). Speaking of Claire, do you like our pumpkin?  [...]


3 Things About This Weekend

Three fun things about this weekend:   #1 - I got through half of this week's Book a Week.  I am reading about The Five Love Languages for Children. If you're never heard of the love languages, check out their website. The love languages (how you express and receive love) are: physical touch, quality time, [...]


Grain-Free Apple Crisp

Remember when we went apple picking with our friends? Well, we ended up with a ton of apples - of course!  And after eating a few whole, I knew that I needed to get creative in the kitchen before they all went off.  I wanted a yummy snack with only a few ingredients - something [...]


The post title says it all! This morning, the Husband and I searched for TWO HOURS (I am not exaggerating) for his car keys.  I had them last, but we’re pretty sure a kiddo picked them up and hide them… somewhere?  Hopefully not down that AC vent, which is where I was convinced they were [...]


Sunny Sunday

Did you have an awesome weekend?  Ours was busy but great. We actually spent a lot of time just hanging out in our backyard.  A chill is definitely in the air – you can tell that winter is coming!  I felt like we were all trying to soak up the last bits of sun and [...]


Less is More

I made it to boot camp!  I made it to boot camp! I am trying to get back into the swing of things, fitness-wise, but have been balancing a desire to sweat more with a need to calm my schedule down and workout intuitively - not just because a training plan says I have to. [...]


Apple Picking

Yesterday, I had a totally new experience – I went apple picking! We went with four other families – a grand total of 13 people – to Skytop Orchards, which boasts over a dozen varieties of apples and is a huge tourist attraction in the area. We got there just as the leaves are beginning [...]


My Favorite Salad

This is my favorite salad of the moment!  It’s seriously perfect, and I CRAVE IT (and I am not one to craaaave salads – I crave chocolate and wine, thank you very much). The key is making it ahead – I think it tastes a lot better if you let the dressing wilt the greens. [...]

Healthy Tipping Point