April 2014

The Best Birthday Present Ever

My mom wanted to get me a “super special and amazing gift” for my 30th birthday.  Side note:  Now that I’ve pushed a baby out of my body, I feel like I should send my mother a gift on my birthday, not the other way around.  But I digress.  She wanted to get me a [...]


How to Cut a Pineapple

Plus – a good book and a great movie! Step 1:  Wash the pineapple so you don’t transfer dirt and germs from the outside to the inside. Step 2: Cut off both ends. Step 3: Stand the pineapple up on the bottom and slice down along the sides to remove the skin. Step 4:  Keeping [...]


Three Things

Thing One:  Next time you make boxed mac and cheese, instead of using milk to mix up the powdered stuff, use plain Greek yogurt.  It’s so  much creamier and tangier, plus you get extra protein and probiotics.  I think one of the worst problem-that-isn’t-really-a-problem is runny mac and cheese, so this is a perfect way [...]


Wahoo! One week since I made a commitment to get back on the health bandwagon. I really think all I needed to do was publicly announce my intention… It really lit a fire under my booty. So, when I was thinking about getting back on track, I thought it’d be fun to have one healthy [...]


Birthday Bonanza

On Saturday, I turned 30!  The big 3-0!  First of all – I can’t believe I started this blog when I was freaking 24 years old.  Man – how time flies (if you’ve been reading that long, thaaaaaank you!).  And secondly, if you had asked me how I felt about turning 30 at 24, I [...]


A blog reader named Rosie emailed me to tell me about her friend, Sophia, who is biking across the United States with her friend Madeleine.  YES – BIKING ACROSS THE USA!  (And blogging about it.)  To accomplish this feat over three months, they are riding 60 – 100 miles each day.  Daaaaang.  Sophia and Madeleine [...]


Goat Cheese + Sundried Tomato Quinoa Cakes

Oh, nom nom nom.  This is the best recipe that I’ve created in a while! Double bonus points because this is a PERFECT make-ahead and reheat dish to eat throughout a busy work week… AND it’s the kind of thing that works well for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  These quinoa cakes are a great entrée, [...]


Stair Climbing Races

Have you ever heard of a tower climb?  We have a few here in Charlotte.  One is the “Race the Top,” which is a 50-story, 672 vertical feet, 1,194 step race to the top of the Duke Energy Building. (Source)   Past winners of the race have completed the climb in just over 7 minutes!   [...]


More of My Favorite Essential Oils

I have an update on my Commitment post.  I have gotten committed.  Hey, hey - what do you know?!  Sometimes, all you need is to put the healthy intention out there to the universe… it lights a fire under your butt.  I have been working out, eating right, and generally treating myself the way I [...]


Boy, oh boy - do I have an awesome giveaway for you! The Reebok Skyscape 'runaround' sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I've ever put on. They're made of a soft, molded foam material (similar to what you see in bras - of all things!). As a result, these shoes are super light; each shoe [...]


Sweat for Boston

It’s Marathon Monday! I wish everyone in Boston a happy, fun, and safe marathon.  I, like so many runners, stand beside you today, in honor of the past and hopeful for the future.  <3  The Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013 taught me many things about life, but it did not teach me to fear standing [...]



So.  Confession.  In the last month, I have fallen horribly and almost completely off the healthy living bandwagon.  In the 8 or so years since I got healthy, this has happened a few times, but I have to admit that it’s never felt as ‘severe’ as this time around.  It started a few weeks ago.  [...]


My Turn: 29 TMI Blog Questions

So Monica did a TMI video blog, and Tina answered the same questions in a blog post, and I thought it was so fun to listen and read that I wanted to play along, too. 1. What are you wearing?   A beige faux leather jacket, grey and black striped shirt, black jeans, and beige [...]


StitchFix Giveaway!

Another StitchFix box has arrived.  Wahoo.  I love opening the box and seeing all the nice clothes… even if I don’t end up keeping it all!   If you want to read my review on this personalized shopping service, check out the bottom of this post: I Hate Legos & I Love StitchFix.  The post [...]

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