May 2012

Relax, Just Do It

Oh. My. Goodness. Look, prenatal massages are where it is AT.  If you are trying to think of a creative gift for a momma-to-be, I highly recommend a prenatal massage gift card (or a gift card for a house cleaning service – that would be pretty sweet, too).  If you’re in Charlotte, I can’t say [...]


I thought I was done with the So You Wanna Do a Triathlon series, but I realized there was another very important topic to address –> the issue of a pool v. lake swim. In case you missed the rest of the posts in the series, here they are:   So You Wanna Do a [...]


Party Tricks

Wheeeeeeeeew! Thank you so much for your comments on the post-baby birth control post.  People sure love to discuss birth control!  In all seriousness, your comments were – as usual – extremely helpful.  Even though many highly respected medical organizations say it works well, enough of you commented, “I am a LAM method baby” or [...]


On post-baby birth control   I really do feel like I’m in the homestretch now.  Only two weeks ‘til my due date, although I’m telling myself that I won’t go until at least 41 weeks so I don’t get too antsy.  Considering how fast the days go by, I have a feeling the next few [...]


Snore Solution + a Yard Update

I have solved the snoring problem! The problem was that I sleep on the right side of the bed, but on my left side because of the baby, so my pregnancy-inducing snoring was right in the Husband’s ear.  Someone suggested that I switch to the left side of the bed, but seriously – have you [...]



Does it count as one-half a workout if you drive all the way to the gym only to discover the pool is closed?  I can’t tell you how hard it was to motivate myself to pull on my suit – I think the only reason I did it was DadHTP was counting on me to [...]


Lunch Break

Yesterday, I found myself Googling “vegetarian baked beans recipe” and was saddened that I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients in my pantry.  I was missing molasses.  Blast.  So today, I headed to the store and I bought… canned baked beans.  Homemade be damned. Lunch was a random mish-mosh.   While the baked beans were [...]


Will Snore for Syrup

So. Lately, I have begun to snore. Not light-and-cute snoring, but I’m-a-18-wheeler-truck snoring. It is very attractive (it is accompanied by pillow drooling, but that’s another blog post entirely). The snoring issue is further compounded by the fact that I must lay on my left side or the baby goes crazy at night.  Since I [...]


BBQ Indoors

At this point in my pregnancy, it is hard for me to think about anything besides the impending arrival of our baby.  I feel like a ticking bomb.  Anyway, part of the reason it’s difficult to focus on almost anything else is I can’t really do much beyond working at the computer, tidying up the [...]


Do Not Buy Your Spouse a Bike

The other day, I was at a party and began to chat with a women who is just getting into triathlons.  She told me she was about to buy a bike, and I remarked that I was so jealous that she was going to buy a new bike. “I would love a new bike,” I [...]


Intentional Gratitude

Happy Memorial Day.  Amongst all the sun and BBQ and parties and summertime celebrations, let’s not forget what – and who – this holiday is really about. Patriotic breakfast:   Greek yogurt Anne P’s peanut butter bar Banana Raspberries I hope everyone has something special planned for today!  The Husband is off golfing, and I [...]


Home Away from Home

I feel like I live at Home Depot.  We are there. All. The Time. When I was a kid, I hated going to Home Depot because I was terrified of the fork lifts.  You know – the ones that go “beep, beep, beep,” and creep down the aisles, all menacing and scary?  Yup.  Those.    [...]


Home for the Holiday

I’m only experiencing two types of dreams lately:  running dreams and baby dreams.  I’m either pushing out a baby or running really fast.  Sometimes, I’m running really fast to the hospital to push out a baby!   I read once that women who have nightmares about delivery actually have shorter and easier labors because their [...]


Post Flashback: Random Oldie But Goodies

Best Movie Trailer Songs for Runners:  I love to run to pop music, but sometimes, working out to uber-dramatic movie trailer music is even better.  You get to pretend to dodge and dart away from the baddies! How to Buy a Bike:  ‘Tis the season for bike riding!  This post describes how to buy a [...]

Healthy Tipping Point