March 2015

So we spent the weekend in lovely Savannah.  I’ve never been to the city before, but it was so special and romantic. It would be a great girlfriend getaway town or place for a couples’ weekend!   The city was settled in 1733 and was a strategic port city in the American Revolution and Civil [...]


This weekend, I packed up the car, dropped the doggies off at camp, and the Husband, Henry, Claire and I drove to Savannah, Georgia for the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon and 5K. I was signed on to do the 5K as a blog ambassador. I am so excited that I had a chance to [...]


Ironman April

Each year, I host a workout program called “Ironman March.” The aim is to get in triathlon shape for the upcoming spring and summer triathlon season and have fun doing it. The program’s goal is to do an Ironman distance over the course of a month.  I totally dropped the ball on organizing Ironman March [...]


Spring Cleaning + a Claire Update

Our yard was dead and barren all winter, and then – all the sudden – it’s exploding with weeds.  Wish we had planted some tulip bulbs or something pretty.  But no – just weeds. So I’ve been trying to clean up our front garden for a few days. The process is taking forever because I [...]



Happy Tuesday!  How are you doing?  I feel busy – but good.  It’s always hard to pull things together after a fun weekend, right?  Monday was rammed, but I’m hoping that my late night efforts put some breathing room in our schedule today. It’s so nice here!  I know some of you are still experiencing [...]


Getting Back on Track

Oh my. Did I ever fall off the healthy bandwagon this weekend!  We visited friends and family, and let’s just say that I drank my fair share of Captain Morgan.  Hah!  I went four days without a workout, ate every delicious dessert presented to me, and generally had a blast.  But now it’s Monday – [...]


Organize It: A Shelf-Less Bathroom

So this counter in my bathroom has been driving me crazy for months… Over the summer, we moved our bedroom from the master upstairs to the en-suite guest room upstairs. We wanted to be close to Henry after he vacated the nursery (here’s a tour of his big boy room + tips for making the [...]


Eternal Love Teething Necklace Giveaway

Just a fun little giveaway (and coupon code) for the mommas and mommas-to-be. Amy and her husband were inspired to launch Eternal Love after the birth of their son, Felix.  You guys know I love a great small business story, and I also really love Amy’s awesome products, which are silicon teething necklaces.  They’re designed [...]


Day in the Life

This was a sun-filled and kiddo-focused day (plus wine!).  My favorite kind of day.  Here’s what it’s like to stay and work from home with two crazy kiddos: 6:45 AM –  I wake up and sneak out of bed.  Claire only got up once last night – wahoo!  No one else is up yet so [...]


Howdy! I had an awesome week of workouts!  It’s really wonderful weather here in Charlotte, and it’s been motivating me to get out of the house more and more.  I’ve been making so much use of the gym - and thus gym childcare - that I brought the childcare workers freshly baked brownies on Friday.  [...]


This post is sponsored by Imagine® Foods. Happy {almost} St. Patrick’s Day!  Charlotte hosted a big parade and festival, and although we missed the parade due to rain, we managed to catch the tail end of the party.  There was carnival food, street performers, Irish dancing, and bouncy houses for the kids.  It was fun! [...]


How Long Does It Take To See Results?

I’m two weeks into my boot camp commitment.  If you’ve been reading for a long time, you know that I have always struggled to do any type of strength training regularly.  Cardio?  Give me cardio!  I can do it all day long (metaphorically speaking, of course).  But lifting weights? Crunches? Squats?  UGH.  I would rather [...]


Kiddo Q&A

I’ve gotten a ton of parenting-related questions lately, so I figured I’d put the answers all in one post.  Enjoy! What’s Claire’s sleep like?  How do you get her to sleep like that?   At 3 months, Claire goes to bed around 7:30, although actually falling asleep usually takes some time.  She normally wakes up [...]


Treasure Hunt

This is my favorite meal lately – it’s awesome for lunch or dinner.  It’s a mix of red kidney beans (drained and rinsed), roasted Brussel sprouts, roasted carrots, and sprouts.  Sometimes I add in sliced cherry tomatoes, too.  Cover it all in a drizzle of BBQ sauce and mix it up.  I had a great [...]

Healthy Tipping Point