September 2011

Romantic Dinner In

Sweaters, boots… FALL! Vintage belt, courtesy of MomHTP.   I’m home for one night and then I’m heading out to Detroit for another work trip (it’s going to be super short and sweet).  So we’re maximizing our weekend by going out tonight with my sister-in-law and her man friend.    They’re having a romantic dinner [...]


Travel Light

I have all these travel ‘rules’ and superstitions:    Kiss the side of the airplane before I board.  Kissing must occur prior to one foot being on the plane.  This prevents the plane from crashing, of course. Read the safety instructions in the seat pocket… Which also prevents the plane from crashing. Must… sit… in… [...]


Are There Buffalo in Buffalo?

Nope.  Never have been!  Buffalo, NY is actually named after nearby Buffalo Creek – at least according to Wikipedia.  I was in town today for an Operation Beautiful presentation at Canisius College.    Things kicked off bright ‘n early with a trip to the Charlotte airport.  I have to say – Jamba Juice is really [...]


Running Tattoos

So this morning, I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off.  The moment the towel touched my chest I let out a loud WHOOP.  I didn’t realize it yesterday, but my sports bra had left a major chafe mark under my right breast.  Chafe marks – which I lovingly call [...]


Seven Sucky Miles

Why, hello there!  Sorry for the afternoon disappearing act.  I got sucked into a work vortex of productiveness.    Prior to the work vortex, I got sucked into a running vortex of doom. Actually, it wasn’t total doom because I got to run with Jen!   My normal running buddy – Nicole – needed to [...]


Creating a Business Travel Go Bag

With college back in session, busy season for Operation Beautiful events is officially in full swing! I travel around the country giving motivational presentations to middle and high schools, colleges, church groups, and businesses about Operation Beautiful.  I’ve got eight events on the calendar for the next three months, so I’ll be doing a lot [...]


Easy Tom Kha Phak Quinoa Bowl

You guys know that I’m all about simple, easy, and healthy recipes.  Generally, anything with more than ten ingredients makes my eyes cross and my fingers dial for takeout.    This Tom Kha Phak Quinoa Bowl is a perfect example of my kind of dinner.  Minimal prep, seven ingredients, and on the table in 15 [...]


You Belong

This morning, I went to the pool to swim a few laps. All of the lanes were full so I jumped in a lane that wasn’t doubly occupied, next to this guy in his 40s who was wearing swim trunks, no cap, and goggles.  I nodded at him and began to swim.  During my second [...]


Rainstorm On My Rooftop

We had a wonderful fall thunderstorm last night.  A huge clap of thunder sounded around 6 AM, I rolled over, and the Husband and Maggie’s eyes were wide open.  “Holy hell!” he whispered.  It sounded like it was right above our roof.   I expected to see tons of downed trees this morning, but the [...]


Name Your 5K Giveaway, Part II

Remember when I tried to break the television habit?  I gave it an honest effort, I really did.  Months went by with minimal TV.  But then fall television happened.  And now we can’t unglue our butts from the couch. In my defense, I did have a rather productive work day.  That makes three hours of [...]


Is Mmmm Sauce a Fall Flavor?

Lately, the Husband has been very enthusiastic about my cooking (he must want something).  Lots of whoops and hollers whenever I put a plate in front of him.   This meal got a “MMMMMMMMMMM!!! Mmmm Sauce is back!” Oh yeah.  Bring on the Mmmm.  It’s been a while – for a few weeks, I made [...]


Strikes Again

I spent all last night on the couch, reading a book and watching Boardwalk Empire.  And keeping Maggie warm.  That’s what fur moms are for, right?   Even though I was beat last night (a Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and a Super Sprint on Sunday will do that to you…), I woke up feeling pretty [...]


After I wrote What I Learned After 1,000 Days of Marriage, a few people commented that the Husband should write a similar post.  So – we sat on the couch and I typed as he shared his insights.  Here’s what Kristien learned after 1,000 days of being married to crazy old me.   Lord help him. [...]


Ramblin’ Rose Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

This… Is not the same as this… But in many ways, it’s better!    The Ramblin’ Rose triathlon series is the largest all-female tri in North Carolina and the state’s second largest triathlon, period.  The atmosphere was tremendously supportive and welcoming.  Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages tackled today’s race.  It was inspiring to [...]

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