May 2010

Sophie’s Apple Crumble

Have I got a special recipe for you! My sister-in-law moved from London to America a few months ago, and she brought some great English recipes with her.  One of my favorites is Sophie’s Apple Crumble. Which is AMAZING with vanilla ice cream!   Ingredients:   8 ounces of flour Four ounces of unsalted butter [...]


I occasionally include guest posts from readers/bloggers who inspire me.  I call these posts “Healthy Tipping Points” because they relate a person’s story of finding a healthy balance.  Here’s a list of the other HTP stories I’ve posted.  When Freya emailed me with her story, I realized I haven’t included a story from someone who [...]


Cutting Back

Good morning!  How goes it?  Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans!  I don’t have today “off” (in fact, my to-do list is insane), but that’s OK – the Husband and I leave tomorrow for Charlotte to find a house (to rent). Can’t wait to share all of our choices with you!   Breakfast: I [...]


More Airport Food

Only halfway through my epic two-week travel extravaganza – I’m only going to be home two days from May 21 to June 6 – and I’m already sick of eating out.    However, I did discover something awesome at the Chinese buffet in the Pittsburgh airport: I practically SCREAMED at the guy behind the counter, [...]


The Best Years

Sorry I pulled a bit of a disappearing act this weekend – I’m back on normal blogging schedule now!  We had an absolutely awesome weekend back in our old college town, and the bachelorette had a blast.  In fact, I think we had a little too much fun.  :)   This morning, everyone pulled their [...]



I woke up HOURS before everyone else (figures) and hung out in the hotel lobby for a bit so everyone else could sleep.   I had a coffee and banana while I waited for the others to rise. Once everyone was vertical, the girls and I decided to stick the Southside for lunch and headed [...]


Special Requests

Good morning, Pittsburgh!   It’s so strange and wonderful to be back in Pittsburgh (my college town) with my best friends.  I have some great friends in Orlando, but nothing compares to being surrounded by the girls I’ve been through thick and thin with.  These ladies know me like no one else.  It’s great to [...]


Greenway Run

It’s really amusing to me to see how much Sarah and I have changed in the 4 years since we graduated from college – but the best part is that we changed in many of the same ways!  We both went from being party girls (well, we’re still party girls at heart, but you know [...]


A Silver Fox and Cereal

Sarah cut these roses out of her own garden – aren’t they gorgeous? Good morning!   We’re hanging out on the couch, eating breakfast, and watching Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly.  We’re also debating whether Anderson Cooper is old and unattractive or a silver fox (I vote silver fox).  Annnnd we’re talking about [...]


Welcome to Winchester

Since I last saw my BFF Sarah a year ago, she bought a real house with a real backyard and got engaged to a really nice man.  Now, I’m staying in her guest room (which is JUST a guest room, not an office/junk/guest room) and loving life.   What can I say?  I think we’ve [...]


Kentucky Cornbread

So, the Husband had to drop me off at the airport at 10 AM for my 3:30 PM flight, which sounds lame… but luckily for me, Orlando International Airport has free Wi-Fi.  I’m essentially having a normal work day!  I’m just parked at Starbucks with a Vanilla Latte. The employees are starting to give me [...]


Do What You Can

I have several fitness philosophies:   You can do anything for 5 minutes:  Called upon when the going gets tough. Don’t set yourself up to fail:  Don’t take on an insane training plan when you already have a busy schedule – i.e. don’t bite off more than you can chew – because you’ll just feel [...]


Southern Cooking

Although I was born and raised in Miami, Florida… …I always considered myself a country girl at heart.  Maybe I’m just rebelling against the bright art deco lights on my hometown.  But I’m betting it has a lot to do with my mom’s Southern roots.   My mom grew up in Tennessee and now lives [...]


An Oral-B Giveaway

Afternoon!   I’ve been frantically plowing through my inbox and To Do list since I’m getting back on a plane TOMORROW for fun vacation numero two.   I took a break for lunch, but then I proceeded to gobble it up because I was in rush-rush-rush mode.  Ah well – it was still delicious! A really [...]

Healthy Tipping Point