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I made it to yoga class this morning!  And once again, I found myself thinking, “Why don’t I do this more often?” It feels so good. I’m still taking regular vinyasa flow classes; I just modify the poses as necessary (no inversions and no laying flat on my back).  22 weeks pregnant, and I can still do most moves.  I really surprised myself when I managed to get into Bird of Paradise – but only on my right side!  Left leg was too hard for some reason.

bird of paradise

Obviously – an OLD pic!  Now, I’ve got to scoot my belly out of the way first.  Hah.


Here’s something that I bet will stick with you forever – you know the “regular” way to roll your yoga mat?  Well, it puts all the icky other-people sweat and dirt and God-knows-what-else all over the side of the mat that you put your face.  So here’s a better {cleaner} way to roll your mat – first fold it in half.  This keeps the outside on the outside and the inside on the inside!

how to roll your yoga mat

Now you know!


My weekend has been filled with lots of small projects and lots of relaxing – a great balance.  I woke up before everyone else and got to spend some quiet time reading, sipping coffee, and listening to rain – BLISS.

photo 1 (9)

We also finally got around to cutting Henry’s hair… I’ve been putting it off since the long curls are so cute.  The Husband did a really good job, though, and the short ‘do looks great.


I’m way too chicken to get near my toddler with a pair of sharp scissors!  I’ll leave it to the semi-pros.


And we did some fingerpainting. Which turned into bellypainting.

photo 2 (8)

Off to do some gardening!  Gotta seize the Sunday magic. 


Thought of the Day:




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It’s Friday!  Do your Friday cheer!


(I cut the straggely pieces off my rug – it was one small organizational/clean-up goal of the week.)


I am so, so glad the weekend is here.  Did you have a healthy week?  I had a lot of fun Focusing on the Can and working towards my 5 Healthy Goals of the Week.  I got my sweat on every day (except today – however, there’s still time!), I drank all my green smoothies, I got Henry outside for playtime, I did my organizing, and I practiced nightly gratitude.  Last night’s gratitude was “I am so thankful for the Air Buddies movie series, which allowed me to sleep peacefully on the couch despite Henry skipping his naptime.”


Despite being really worn out yesterday, I slept ah-maz-ing last night and now I feel almost human.  So it’s all good.


For Henry’s outing today, I took him to the soccer fields so he could practice with the big goals.  It was fun – especially because we had some nice cloud cover so it wasn’t sweltering hot. 


And here’s part of my lunch!


A yummy salad with tomatoes (from my garden!), sunflower seeds, watermelon, chickpeas, and balsamic reduction.  The balsamic reduction was more like a balsamic sludge because I overcooked it, but it was still good.


This would’ve been perfect with cast-iron tofu but we are all out.  Wahhh.


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Have a great weekend!