National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

A Valentine’s Day smoothie for you! Most of my smoothies are sickly sweet (because of the fruit) but this one has BEETS in it.  Not too sweet, not too vegetabley.  Just right. In the blender:   1 cup soy milk (vanilla) 3/4 cup frozen raspberries 2 large steamed beets, chilled 2 scoops protein powder    [...]


Baking BeCAUSE

Last October, I posted Michelle’s guest post for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   Michelle wrote, “I am a survivor of domestic violence. Not too long ago, the man I loved more than anything was physically abusive with me and I decided to leave the relationship for my own safety and well-being. Even before the physical [...]


I’m putting this guest post under “Other Healthy Tipping Point” stories because being healthy is a lot more than whole wheat bread and cardio.  Mental and emotional health are so valuable, and I wanted to share Michele’s story in case there are others out there who need to hear this message.  Love shouldn’t hurt!   [...]

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