July 2010

Wine and Work

Rainy Saturdays = a day of work on the couch.  With wine.  And dachshund. Good times.  :)   So, truly – I have not moved from the couch in 5 hours.  I forgot how tired long runs make me!  I would’ve napped but I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and NEED to get back on [...]


Ten for the Win

This morning, I ran my first double-digit run for marathon training.  It took me a while to get going this morning (alright – it took forever), but once I hit the pavement, it was all good.  I’m seeing my commitment to do a session of speedwork each week really pay off – my times are [...]



Not this kind of chia: This kind of chia! After seeing all over the blog world for the last year, I finally caved and bought my own bag.  This bag was only $9.99 at Earthfare, but the benefits of 1 tablespoon of the little seeds is what really won me over.  Packed with calcium, fiber, [...]


Dream Vacations

Today I went back to the mall to return that pretty necklace and buy something more subtle.  I think it was said best when a few people remarked that if you don’t feel confident in something, take it back!  I found something better.  :)   Since I hate the mall, I needed some Yoforia.  This [...]


Let’s Talk

So much to say! :)  First things first:  Owning a real, live basil plant is awesome. I highly recommend that you buy a basil plant for a window in your kitchen.  I haven’t killed it yet, which speaks volumes on how easy it is to tend.  :)  Plus, it’s so much fun to snag a [...]


Teenager Troubles, Part II

I haven’t killed my flowers yet! *Gold star*   I love this part of the summer – hot when you wake up, hot when you go to sleep.  That makes for excellent strawberries! My breakfast bowl of oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup rice milk 1/2 cup water 1/2 sliced banana Toppings:  Opera [...]


A Little Extra

Is it super hot where you are? I thought I was going to meeelt while we detailed our car.   Watermelon helps!  Did you know watermelon is over 92% water?  That’s why it’s so thirst-quenching. After some serious conference calling, I went on a run.   I was running blind because my Garmin 305 died in [...]


Pasta Salad Remix

As the days get hotter and hotter, I tend to crave salads more and more.  Refreshing and packed with veggies – what more could you ask for?  Actually, you COULD ask for a salad that actually fills you up and satisfied your mind and belly.    Presenting:  Pasta Salad Remix.  It’s a salad and pasta [...]


A Lazy Wiener

Maggie’s laziness has reach an all-time high. If you’ve ever read her “About Maggie” page, you know that Maggie is the dumbest, laziest, and sweetest dog on the planet.  Think of a living, breathing cinnamon roll that likes to cuddle up next to you and eat kibble.  She HATES walking, running, stretching, moving, or transferring [...]


Not Your Typical Woman

I hate shopping.  Well, I like shopping for my home.  And I like food shopping.  But I really, really hate shopping for clothes.  Which works out well because I’ve worked from home for four years, so I haven’t really had to buy much (except running gear!).    However, my upcoming trip to NYC for the [...]


Best Movie Trailer Songs for Runners

Awesome breakfast, and now an awesome lunch!   This Quinoa Bowl totally hit the spot! The ingredients:   Quinoa (with a tablespoon of hummus mixed in <—make it really creamy) Roasted broccoli, corn, pinto beans, and mushrooms Tomatoes Fresh basil Salt and pepper   I’ve been working on the remainder of this post for a [...]


French Toast Sundae

While laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, I thought up this delicious breakfast recipe: This breakfast treat proves that decadent doesn’t mean unhealthy!  And it reminds me so much of an ice cream and brownie sundae – with a special surprise in the middle.  The baking process for the French toast makes it crunchy, [...]


Sink Your Teeth Into…

Tonight, I decided to blow off my speedwork run and go see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse instead.  Hey, I’m only vampire human.  Here’s various posts documenting my obsession with the series.  I’ve read every book at least four times and seen the other two movies at least twice (yes, I know, Twilight is kind of [...]


If you’re looking for a great way to give back to your community, inspire young girls to live a balanced and healthy life, and squeeze in some exercise in the process… I’ve got the charity for you! Girls On The Run (GOTR) mission is “to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and [...]

Healthy Tipping Point