September 2012

Woof Woof: Innotek Anti-Bark Collar Review

It always makes me laugh – I know that blog readers heavily favor Maggie.  Maybe I just make her seem more lovable or sillier or cuter than James.  According to you guys, Maggie is Queen.  But in my non-Internet life, everyone… hates… Maggie.  Isn’t that sad?  She is lovable and silly and cute – she’s  [...]


Birthday Quinoa and Cake

Did a lot of loungin’ around today! We had friends + babies over to celebrate Isaac’s birthday.  I would tell you how old he is, but then he would kill me.  Instead, I’ll just say that when I asked what he wished for, he said that every year of his life has been better than [...]


Ramblin Rose 5 Mile Race Recap

Something to ponder: ‘Twas a BEAUTIFUL morning for a race (and by beautiful, I mean drizzling and chilly – perfect race weather).  I ran the Ramblin’ Rose 5 Miler, a women’s-only event, near Uptown Charlotte.  My buddy?  Nicole, who agreed to help pace me.  I’ve got to say – having baby Henry adds a whole [...]


Predictive Analytics

My first job was as a cashier at a supermarket (Publix fans, hollar!).  One of my favorite aspects of the job was checking out someone’s purchases and trying to deduce something about their life.  For example:  someone buys a ton of plastic silverware, paper plates, soda, chips, and hamburgers – they’re having a party!  Occasionally, [...]



Happy Friday!  Who has nice plans for the weekend?  I’ve got the following on my calendar:  a birthday get-together for our friend Isaac, a 5-mile race (wahoo!), and loads and loads of relaxation.  Oh, and we need to buy a new dryer because ours went kaput on Monday. Hah.  Blurry jumpin’ baby.   I mentioned [...]


The British Are Coming

It’s been quite a fun week.  The Husband’s grandpa, grandma, and aunt have been visiting since Sunday.  We have had a blast playing board games, going to the driving range, drinking brandy and coke (that’s how grandpa rolls), and eating.  Lots and lots of eating. Oh, and lots and lots of chewing and drooling.  It’s [...]


Come Bearing Food

Subtitled:  8 rules for being an awesome family member or friend during childbirth and early parenting   Rule #1:  Childbirth is not a performance.  It is a medical event.  There are no front-row seats to medical events.  Therefore, if the mother in question does not want you to attend, you should not guilt her into [...]


8 Fall Recipes

I don’t have too much to say this morning… I only just managed to take a shower and pull together eggs and toast.  10:30 is far too late for breakfast but you do what you have to do.  Oh, and OMGCOFFEE.  It’s is no longer just ‘coffee.’  It is now OMGCOFFEE.  Which was, obviously, amazing. [...]


Legal Mambo

‘Twas a good day!  I feel like I ran all over the place, but I managed to keep all the balls in the air and a smile on my face.  Even organized a dinner party for our out-of-town guests! But first… I had a ton of work to do at the Holistic Wellness Center.  It’s [...]


Halfway Hell

This is my house. This is my running route.  A nice 3.0 mile loop. If something bad will happen on my run, it will happen EXACTLY halfway through.  You know, when I am as far as I can get from home.  If I’m going to chafe, it will start halfway.  If I’m walking with the [...]


Light the Way

Let’s get… This day… Started! (An excruciating minute long crawl upstairs – it’s not easy being long and low.)   One of the Husband’s patients gave him an Edible Arrangement – love those things! – so my breakfast was full of fresh fruit. Plus a rice scramble – eggs, spinach, tomatoes.  I have to admit, [...]



Who’s the man?  Dad’s the man! Oh yeah.  GDadHTP successfully got Henry to finally take a morning nap.  Whether it’s being out of a schedule, teething, gas, or who-knows-what, naps have been hard to come by in the past few days!  Sorry to be repetitive with my constant blogging of ‘I wish he would sleep,’ [...]


Chill Out

How is it that I feel so confident and pulled together when it comes to being a mommy one week, and the next I feel like a total wreck?  I’m assuming this is normal! I’ve been creating a mental list of ‘things moms say’ – you can add that one to this list.  You can [...]


Twinkle Twinkle

Please!  Can I have some? Funny story:  Kristien wanted to make his grandparents a traditional English dinner tonight.  So he went out and bought them lovely cuts of lamb with fresh mint sauce.  Now, he hasn’t cooked meat in nearly four years, and I think he was a bit flustered by getting such an involved [...]

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